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How to restore important data deleted from a memory card? Here’s the solution!

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Mobile devices or computers, in particular in the last year, have taken on a fundamental role in the daily lives of most people, which has led to greater storage of files, whether they are documents, images or even videos. However, things do not always go well and errors or mistakes are accentuated. And what a more uncomfortable situation to delete an important document and, apparently, not be able to recover it.

We have been in confinement for some time and mistakes, either due to the pressure of day-to-day life or the pandemic situation, inevitably happen. But what if we tell you that you no longer need to worry about permanently deleted files? In fact, when you delete a file on your computer (for example), Windows always keeps some kind of hidden record with information about that file, which allows it to be recovered with the right tools.

Not only can human failures fail, as some of the peripherals we use as external storage can suffer catastrophic failures during handling. Some external drives or USB PENs (due to their fragility and flash memory) may simply stop working due to overuse – it is normal, everything has an end – but especially due to a fall or some corrupted file. But what if we tell you that among some very complicated solutions, there is a tool that makes everything easier, iMyFone AnyRecover.

How to restore important data deleted from a memory card

How to recover data from a memory card?

First, you should consult the official iMyFone page, where you will find the AnyRecover program. Please note that this is available for both Windows and Mac, so this will not be a problem when it comes to recovering your badly deleted files. Then, install the program in the space that is convenient for you.

Once the installation process is finished, you must open the application via the shortcut or if it has been started, through the taskbar in the lower right corner (next to the other applications, close to the PC date and time), this in Windows system . The program will already be using the default language on your computer.

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Then, with the program open, you will have access to a page with all the mapping of your storage units – HDDs, PENs, SSDs and SD cards – where you will be able to choose the unit that has been deleted and that you want to recover, without prejudice to the files that it has. have been erased.

Know that even on a formatted device, the files are still present, as only their location addresses have been deleted. Therefore, if you do not place other files on the storage drive, there is a very high chance of being able to recover all of your files. Check out a simple and practical way to recover formatted data from an HDD.

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After selecting the partition or storage unit, click on the “Start“Or”To start“, In Portuguese, and AnyRecover will search for all the“ residues ”of files still present in the unit in order to be able to recover the lost files. In fact, know that can retrieve up to three files for free (without size limit), so if it is little, you can recover and check the program’s operation.

This iMyFone application allows you to recover different categories of files, including video, audio, documents, images and even email messages: DOC, PDF, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, MPEG, FLV, MP3, WAV, WMA, ZIP, RAR and ISO are just a few examples.

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Analysis completed to the files present in the storage unit, the time has come to check which ones you want to recover or not. For this, you can consult through the preview mode those that interest you most. After selecting all those you want to recover, you must click on “Recover“Or”To recover”To start the process of restoring“ lost ”files.

The software will ask you where you want to save the files to be recovered, since it cannot be on the same drive where you left the data before, so that it does not permanently corrupt the residual data that is still on the storage unit, in this case, SD card.

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We invite you to experience the AnyRecover free to be able to test for yourself the quality of the service provided by iMyFone. If you have any questions, you can and can contact the customer support available at official app website. If you like the application and are interested in the future, the program has different membership plans.

You can choose a monthly leave $ 49.95 (about € 41.30 or 270 reais), or alternatively, a annual plan $ 59.95 (about € 49.63 or 325 reais) and finally, a lifetime subscription $ 79.95 (about € 66.15 or 435 Brazilian reais). Either of these packages guarantees lifetime support. Finally, you must open the application and enter the account (the email) with which you registered and the registration code provided at the time of purchase.

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