How to remove root permanently and restore phone warranty in an effective way

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Although there are many benefits that you can get by rooting your phone, sometimes you may need to remove the root permanently for several different reasons, the most important of which is that you want to restore the phone’s warranty, it is known that the phone loses the warranty after rooting of course. And sometimes there is difficulty receiving and installing updates, and this is another reason that might push you to remove the root from the phone.

It is possible that you also want to remove the root permanently because you have made a lot of adjustments to the phone, but you want to return to using the phone normally, and whatever the reason that drives you to remove the root, there are many methods that you can rely on to do this, but the problem is Most of these methods are difficult and somewhat complicated, and among these methods there is an easy way, which is by restoring a backup copy from Nandroid. Below we explain this method to you in detail.

Restore a Nandroid backup

The best way to permanently remove the root and restore the warranty of the phone is through the Nandroid tool, as this tool is easy to use, and that does not lead to losing a lot of data. Nandroid backup is a complete backup of the operating system before rooting and is created in recovery in order to use it in the event of root problems, and it is a very important and useful tool in many cases, so it is necessary to make a backup copy of Nandroid in Every time you install a ROM or root your phone.

The most important thing that distinguishes the Nandroid tool is that it makes a comprehensive backup of the phone, including the operating system, applications, data and files on the phone and everything else, which is why using the Nandroid tool will restore the most important data you need before rooting, so if you use it to create a copy Backup, you can undo the root with ease.

However, the backup for the Nandroid tool must be recent, meaning that it should not be more than a week old, and the reason for this is that any data or information that has been changed in the phone after keeping the backup copy of Nandroid will not be restored again and will be lost, and in any case to you. Here is an explanation of how to permanently remove the root and restore the warranty through Nandroid tool.

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How to use Nandroid Tool

As we mentioned to you, using the Nandroid tool to unroot the phone is very easy, as all you have to do is a few simple steps to restore the backup from Nandroid, and here are these steps as follows:

  • Firstly, start your phone in your custom recovery mode, and it is better if you use TWRP.
  • After that, click on Restore, and here you will find a list of all backups available to you, and here you have to choose one of the backup copies that were created with the stock ROM only.

Permanently remove the root and restore the phone's warranty

  • Select the partitions you want to restore and in most cases you will need to check all the boxes, in order to recover all the previous data.

How to remove root permanently and restore phone warranty in an effective way

  • Finally, pull the bar at the bottom of “Swipe to Restore”, and here the process will take a few minutes to finish depending on the size of the data that is restored, and after completion you can restart the phone.

Your phone will return to how it was before the rooting, but the steps are not finished yet, as you should use the SuperSU application to unroot, as follows: Download SuperSU app And install it on your phone if it was not present on the phone before. After that, open the application and go to the Settings tab, choose Full Unroot, and then restart the phone again, so that the root will be permanently removed from the phone.

Now you have finished removing the root permanently and restoring the warranty on the phone, and this method is one of the easiest ways to do that, although there are some other methods, such as using Factory Image, but it is somewhat difficult and needs a lot of steps.

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