How to remotely delete lost or stolen phone data

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There is no doubt that losing a smartphone is a difficult thing for many, but there is something worse than losing a phone, which is that it contains important personal data. Something that may cause some people to panic, but fortunately, there are a set of steps that you can take to be able to remotely delete smartphone data in the event that it has been stolen or lost. Remotely delete all your personal data and there is no need to panic.

How to remotely delete lost or stolen phone data

Install the Find My Device app

While your phone is still with you, you must immediately install the Find My Device app to have the ability to remotely delete the phone’s data. All you have to do is install the app and check the settings:

Delete phone data
  • Installing the application from here.
  • Go to Google Settings, then Security, then tap Find my device.
  • Make sure Find My Device is enabled.
  • Allow the app to access your location.

You should take precautions not to store some sensitive data on the memory card, as it cannot be deleted remotely, and you should also make sure to choose a difficult lock code.

How do you find a stolen or lost phone?

The following steps are not only related to the application Find My Device You have to install it beforehand but you should expect the thief to lock the phone or shut down the internet and possibly remove the SIM card.

You can access the phone by opening the Find My Device app on another Android phone or via the website.

Once logged in, the application will try to find the location of the phone if it is still running, the location will appear on the map and three options will appear either ring, lock or remote wipe, and if the device is locked, the application will send the location immediately if it is turned on.

At that point, you can delete the phone data, but you have to make this step the last, so we recommend that you follow the following steps in order.

Contact on the phone

Before you take the step of deleting the phone data, you must first make sure that your phone is stolen and not lost, so you must use the option to call the phone through the Find My Device application, which makes your phone ring loudly for a full 5 minutes, and this enables you to find your phone when it has fallen into a place You don’t see it or one of your kids hid it, so before you risk deleting all the data and photos on the phone, make sure it’s not lost.

Change phone lock screen

You can try the option to change the phone lock screen to show a message the next time the phone is turned on and give me my phone again or maybe better you should call me with a modest reward for whoever brings it to you, if you try to do the call on the phone and change the lock screen and it doesn’t It will work then it is time to take the step of deleting the phone data completely, but it should be noted that you should not resort to this step unless you make sure that the phone has already been stolen in order to avoid deleting the data that you will not be able to retrieve again.

Delete phone data

You have no choice but to delete the phone data but the data on the memory card is not erased and after doing that option you will not be able to use the app again.

And when you choose to delete the data, the phone will be factory reset, which means that the settings, music, photos and applications will be erased, and if your phone is turned off, when it connects again to the Internet, the deletion command will be executed.

But to increase security, you also need to change the passwords of your Google account and social media accounts.

What to do if your phone can’t be accessed through the Find My Device app?

If you are unable to use Find My Phone, you may be able to make use of Google Maps tracker which will save your phone’s location history so you can find out where your lost phone is by visiting the location history page and check the location.

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