How to recover your Facebook account

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Many Facebook users need a way to be able to retrieve their Facebook account, perhaps you forgot the password, or perhaps someone has seized the account and stolen it, whatever the reason, it is fortunate that you can return to your Facebook profile, it is very easy to recover the Facebook account All you have to do is follow simple steps to be able to return to your account, and during the article we will learn how to restore your Facebook account.

There is more than one way that enables you to recover your Facebook account, however your options will depend on the amount of information that you previously provided to the Facebook network, and in the article we review the easiest ways and options to help you restore your profile.

How to recover your Facebook account

  1. Log in from another device
  2. Use default recovery options
  3. Use Trusted Contacts Use Trusted Contacts
  4. Report your profile as compromised

Log in from another account

Sometimes you log into your Facebook account from your phone, tablet or laptop, so you have an opportunity to retrieve your Facebook account, but if you forgot your password and need to log in on a new device, if you log in to more than one device and want Reset your password, follow these steps:

Recover Facebook account
  • Open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and go to the settings screen.
  • Go to the Security tab and log in from the left hand side located under the General tab.
  • Finding where to log in will display all the devices that can access your Facebook account.
  • Go to the login below where you want to log in and select the change password button.
  • Enter the current password and the new password twice, and you can also choose forgot password.
  • If you are able to set a new password, you should be able to access your account again and be able to recover your Facebook account.

Use default recovery options

If you are not logged into Facebook on any device, you may need the default recovery options. One of the easiest ways is to use a friend’s profile and follow these steps:

Recover Facebook account
  • Ask your friend to find and view your Facebook profile.
  • Open the menu containing the three dots in the top right of the page.
  • Choose to find help or report a personal account.
  • Selecting an option I cannot access my account from the options that appear in front of you and then the process of logging out and starting the process of recovering your Facebook account.
  • Once you log out of your friend’s profile you will see the usual forgot password screen which will ask you for some information.
  • Enter your phone number or email address.
  • Click the search button to display a list of potential matches.
  • Select your account from the list and choose the preferred method of communication.
  • If you have a way to access the connection, you can click on Continue and then a Facebook code will be sent.
  • Enter the code in the text box and then you will be able to restore your Facebook account.

Use Use Trusted Contacts

One of the best ways to restore your Facebook account is by helping your friends by relying on the Trusted Contacts option, but you must have previously added trusted contacts in order to be able to use that feature, and here are the steps for adding those parties:

Recover Facebook account
  • Go to settings from the top right corner of the page.
  • Open the security tab and log in.
  • Go to additional security options settings.
  • Select 3 to 5 friends to call upon checkout.
  • After choosing friends, you can proceed, and if you forget the password, it will ask you for an email or phone number. You can choose that you can no longer access your account and instead enter the name of the trusted contact.

Report your profile as compromised

There is one last way that enables you to recover your Facebook account by informing support that your account has been hacked, and here are the steps:

  • Head over to and choose the options menu.
  • Select Continue and wait until you are redirected to the login screen.
  • Enter your current password or the last one that you can remember.
  • You can log in using the previous password and then try one of the above methods to reset a new password.

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