How to record voice in computer without software in 4 steps

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How to record sound in a computer without programs that many are looking for to use for many purposes, such as sending an audio message to acquaintances or friends, or installing sound on video, voiceover, and other purposes. In this article, we learn in detail the steps of how to record sound from a computer without using any external programs .

How to record audio on a computer without software

How to record sound in computer without software 1
How to record audio on a computer without software

There are many free and non-free applications that are used to record audio on the computer, but we will not need any of this as Microsoft has provided in all new versions of Windows a program for recording audio in high clarity better than any external program.

First of all, do not forget that the microphone is essential for recording audio on the device. If your microphone is working fine, you can start now. Follow the following steps in Microsoft Windows to run the program:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Type in the search field the name of the program which is Voice Recored
  3. The program will appear to you, then click on it to open it.
  4. Plug in the microphone, adjust its settings, and make sure it is working fine.
  5. When the program works for you, you will find a button with a red circle in front of you. Click on it to start recording.
  6. Press in the same place again if you want to stop recording, and so on.
  7. Save the audio file to any location you want on the device, and you can add it to any video you want or send it directly.

There are many advantages to using this program included in Windows, including the following:

  • The computer does not need to be connected to the Internet.
  • Maintaining the security of your device by not installing any untrusted applications on your device that may contain malware.
  • You will not need additional fees because the program is completely free
  • Avoid losing the file due to sudden internet outage.
  • Record audio in very high quality.

Record audio from inside the computer online

If you want more options when registering, you can try the way to record audio on the computer without online programs, that is, through a website, many sites offer this feature with different options, and we mention among the most important of these sites the following:

Record audio from Google Chrome

How to record voice in computer without software 2
Download the extension to Chrome to record audio without software

Google has added an excellent feature which is the ability to download an add-on to record audio from the browser directly without programs or applications and can be used on computers in addition to mobile phones.

This additional feature was launched last year, and the number of users exceeded 200,000 users. You can download this feature from here and add it to your browser. from here

An online voice recorder for voice recording

How to record voice in computer without software 3
Online voice recorder

It is a premium site that allows you to record high-quality audio with the ability to keep a copy of it on your device, you can choose to edit and cut the audio before saving it again on your device, the audio can be saved in several formats suitable for various uses, such as mp3, wav, and others.

This website can be accessed and used easily from here

Vocalremover audio recording site

How to record voice in computer without software 4
Vocalremover website

It is another great site that provides you with a way to record audio on a computer without programs with many distinct effects and the most important features that this site provides:

  • The possibility of noise cancellation from the sound.
  • Echo removal and normalization.
  • Merge two audio files.
  • Converting audio from one format to another.
  • Cut and trim for every recorded audio file.

The site requires you to allow access to the microphone before starting, and can be accessed directly from here

In this article, we learned how to record audio on a computer without software, either through Windows itself or via the Internet, with multiple features for each method.

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