How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac

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How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 2
Record FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac

After the Corona pandemic, the culture of online meetings has spread among the countries of the whole world, in which important matters related to work, study and others are discussed in many times, which prompts us to search for recordings to review what was discussed for many reasons, which is what the FaceTime application misses that is why many of its users search There are other options that enable them to record the calls that are made to it.

Record calls on FaceTime on Mac computers

The FaceTime application provides many important and convenient features for its users to make voice calls as well as video calls with one person as well as several people, but it deprives them of the service of recording these calls, unfortunately, due to Apple’s own policies. Despite this, you can solve this problem using The screen recording feature of Mac computers, and these steps can be summarized as follows:

The first step: Open the Facetime application on your Mac and then press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard, as it will open the list of screen recording tools in front of you and from this list click on Options.

Several options will appear in front of you, including selecting the place where you want to save the FaceTime call recording on the Mac.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 3

The second step: From the same menu that appeared to you, choose Built – in microphone to ensure that your FaceTime calls are recorded.

The third step: In order to select the recording area, you have two options. You can click on one of them, either the Record Entire Screen icon or choose the Record Selected Portion icon next to it on the right to define your recording area.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 4

Fourth Step: You can now click on the record button that will appear next to the options button to start recording your call on FaceTime if you wish, and after you have finished the call, press the Stop Recording button in the menu bar at the top of the screen to finish what you have recorded and look at it.
With this last step, you can record a FaceTime call as you wish and at any time you wish.

Record your FaceTime calls on iPhone and iPad

What distinguishes Apple and its electronic products is its adherence to taking all measures in order to protect the privacy of its customers and users of its products, and one of these measures was to prevent call recording on the FaceTime application on iPhone and iPad devices, but you can use your Mac to do With such a feature, through the following steps:

The first step: First and before doing any step, you must connect your iPhone or iPad with a USB connection to your Mac. Run QuickTime Player on your Mac and in the list from the top of the last files and from the drop-down menu choose New Movie Recording.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 5

Step Two: On the Quick Time screen that will appear in front of you, press the small arrow pointing down next to the red circular recording button, from which a drop-down list will appear. Choose your iPhone or iPad from the list of available cameras.

Step Three: Turn off the screen of your iPhone or iPad, and then your device will appear on your Mac screen on Quick Time Player.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 6

Fourth Step: Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad and then click on the record button in Quick Time Player on your Mac.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 7

The fifth step: It is the last step in which you can start a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad and at the same time the call is being recorded for you on your Mac, but do not forget to stop the recording after ending the call by pressing the Stop button in Quick Time .
Do not forget to click on the Save button in the File menu, and then select the file in which you will save your call recordings.

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone and Mac 8

With this, you will be able to record a FaceTime call on iPhone and iPad with ease.

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