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How to protect your SIM card from hacking and theft

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Many people are not interested in protecting the SIM card in their phones, but your SIM card can be hacked like a memory card or other electronic parts.

Today, we offer you tips to protect the chip from hacking, by knowing the methods that expose it to hacking.

Using SimJacker:

SIM card

A security research institute revealed In 2019, there is a new way through which SIM cards can be hacked.

This method works by sending a series of text messages to the chip, and these messages contain code that causes the hack.

By implanting himself in the chip and accessing the chip toolkit, which are tools to connect to the Internet and use the chip.

Every carrier puts a web browser inside the chip, but it’s rare for anyone to use this browser.

Therefore, the hacker uses this browser to access the chip, then monitor all the data that passes through it and monitor the phone as well.

The foundation says that this method has already been used in more than 30 countries around the world, including countries in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe.

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The research institution also believes that this method was developed by a private company that works with various government institutions around the world.

This method works with all phone systems, whether it is iPhone or Android.

You can protect yourself from this method by ignoring messages that you don’t know where they’re coming from or that feel weird.

Chip replacement:

SIM card

This method was used in 2019 to steal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account data.

But this method does not work technically, but rather uses a loophole in the communication companies.

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Where the hacker contacts the company and tells them that he wants to extract a new SIM card, and that the old SIM has broken or that he wants to change his phone and needs a new SIM.

When the company sends the new chip to the hacker, he can gain access to all phone data and social media accounts that use two-factor authentication.

However, telecommunications companies began to take an interest in this matter and require the presence of the user himself to extract an additional additional copy.

SIM copy:

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The hacker needs to have access to your SIM, and after he has access to the SIM, he copies it easily.

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After that, the hacker inserts the new chip copied into any phone that he owns a copy of and receives all alerts and calls with you at the same time.

You can avoid this risk by keeping your SIM card out of the hands of hackers, and not letting any stranger access your phone.

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