How to protect PDFs with passwords

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If you want to protect your PDF files with passwords so that no intruder will see them or due to the confidentiality of what these files contain of important data, you can now see the methods listed below.

How to protect PDFs with passwords

How to protect PDFs with passwords

The program can convert PDF files to EPUB, TXT, DOC, IMG, HTML, and SWF, as well as convert scanned files into editable documents with the possibility of advanced customization of output size, edges and orientation with the basic ability which is protecting Pdf files with passwords and some features The other.

  • Click on the program name so that you will be directed to the download page from your computer.
  • After installing the program choose Add PDF
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • Choose the PDF file that you want to password-protect.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • In this step, after selecting the file, you will find a box that contains different formats called Output File Format, choose PDF as shown in the image.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • On the left of the program screen, choose the PDF tab at the bottom of the list, then click on the box for “Open Password” and type the password in order to protect your PDF files with passwords, then click OK.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • From the Output Folder field indicated in the image below, choose where you want to save the pdf file on your computer.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • Click Convert to complete password protection of PDFs.
How to protect PDFs with passwords 1
  • With that, this method ends, which is considered preferred by many due to its ease, but there is something easier that you can see below.

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It is one of the sites specialized in everything related to converting pdf files to any other format, and you can also use it to paste, copy and separate pages of PDF files in addition to many other features, and among one of those features is the ability to protect PDF files with passwords, whether for the computer, Android or IPhone, by uploading files to the site.

  • Click on the website address above and click on select pdf file.
Protect PDFs with passwords
  • A window will appear for you or a window on the phone memory to choose the pdf file that you want to protect with a password.
  • After selecting the file on the right of the screen, you will find the password box that you want to place and confirm it again and then click on Protect pdf.
How to protect PDFs with passwords 2

Click on Download Protected PDFs to download the file to your computer, Android or iPhone.

Protect PDFs with passwords

It is one of the great applications on the Google Play Store and it contains many features for modifying PDF files, as it can separate or paste PDF pages and merge them into one file or extract all images from the file, as well as Protect PDFs with passwords Or merging two pdf files together into one file and converting images into pdf format and many other features that facilitate making those modifications in the pdf file for Android and it is free.

Protect PDFs with passwords

These were the best methods used to protect PDF files or encrypt them with passwords, whether using Windows, Android or iPhone, in addition to many other modifications that the above-mentioned methods can do, and all of these methods are free, safe and easy to use as well.

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