How to overcome the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone

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The WhatsApp application has a large user base of more than 2 billion users around the world, and despite the privacy problems that the application has recently faced, it is still used by millions, but some complain about the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages during the last period, and there can be many One of the reasons behind this problem, if you encounter the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages, you can go to the next steps mentioned, to be able to solve that problem.

How to overcome the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone?

Update WhatsApp application

If you are facing the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages, the first step you need to do is update the application, as WhatsApp frequently releases many updates, as the problem of not sending WhatsApp messages may be due to the fact that you do not have the latest version that has been launched, so you should open the App Store and go Go to the updates section and download the latest version to your phone.

Leave the demo WhatsApp application

If you are part of the WhatsApp beta application and you have a problem not sending WhatsApp messages, you must leave the WhatsApp beta application and choose a stable version.

On the iPhone, you have to open the TestFlight app, then choose the WhatsApp app and select Leave the Beta app.

On Android, you can open the Google Play Store, choose the WhatsApp application, and then choose to leave the demo application.

Allow WhatsApp to use mobile data

The iPhone offers the feature to restrict the use of mobile data for certain applications through the settings menu, and if that option is enabled for the WhatsApp application, you may not be able to send or receive WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp messages

Open the Settings app on iPhone, then go to the WhatsApp app and tap on the option to activate mobile data.

Allow the app to use background data

If you are facing a problem not to send WhatsApp messages, you can enable the option to use the application in the background, and then you can receive messages if the application is not opened.

On iPhone, you can go to Settings, choose WhatsApp, and then turn on the Background App Refresh option to allow WhatsApp to use data in the background.

WhatsApp messages

Android users can press and hold the WhatsApp app icon, then open the app info menu, open the Mobile and Wi-Fi data menu, and then enable the Background data option.


Activating the data saving mode on iPhone and Android may impede WhatsApp from working normally, and if you have enabled this mode, this prevents WhatsApp from fetching the latest messages.

To disable the data saver mode on the iPhone, you can open the Settings app, then tap the Cellular data option, then disable the DATA SAVER mode.

For Android phones, you have to open the settings, then choose the network and the Internet, choose the data saving mode, then click on Off.


If you have tried all the above-mentioned steps and are still having trouble sending WhatsApp messages, you should try to disable WhatsApp messages Energy saving BATTERY SAVER MODE.

On iPhone, you have to go to the Settings menu, then Battery, and then turn off the battery saving option.

For Android users, you can go to Settings> Battery> Battery Saver> Disable Battery Saver Mode.

Clear cache

The WhatsApp cache will not be cleared, the personal data will only be deleted, the temporary files will only be deleted.

WhatsApp messages

To be able to clear the WhatsApp cache, you can long press the WhatsApp application icon, then open the application information, go to the storage and cache, and then click on the clear the cache option.

Restart the phone and reinstall the WhatsApp application

If you are still experiencing a problem not sending WhatsApp messages, restarting the phone often fixes some of these problems. You can try shutting down the phone and unlocking it again and check whether video calls on WhatsApp are working or not. If they are not, then you can take a backup. From your WhatsApp data, then delete the app and reinstall it again.

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