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How to operate WhatsApp using more than one number via Parallel Space

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Many need to run WhatsApp using two numbers on the same phone, and this is because everyone has two phone numbers, one for personal and the other for work.

The separation of work and personal WhatsApp is beneficial, as it helps to organize the communication process between different aspects of your life.

It prevents confusion that may occur from sending personal messages to customers by mistake.

And you can run WhatsApp via two numbers on all Android phones, and this is because companies are putting the dual apps feature in their modified version of the Android system.

But what if your phone does not support this technology by default? Or you need to run it alongside the dual apps supplied by the company?

And you can run dual apps on Android phones through an app called Parallel Space.

General information about Parrallel Space:

Parallel Space is one of the oldest applications that introduced dual applications, and it makes a second copy of your entire phone, and through this copy you can install any application you want.

This means that you can use two Facebook or two gaming apps through Parallel Space, but you cannot operate more than one account within Parallel Space.

This is because using the app is like using a second phone inside your main phone, which means you can run everything from that second phone.

There are some challenges when using Parallel Space to make a second copy of the applications, the most important of which is the high battery consumption, as it consumes a lot of your phone battery.

And you need to keep the app open for as long as you use the accounts inside it.

You may encounter some problems with the phone speed when using Parallel Space, because the app consumes a lot of device resources.

Therefore, you need a phone with powerful specifications to be able to use it for long periods of time.

You can use a second account in WhatsApp by following these steps:

  • Install an app Parallel Space Via Google Play Store.
  • And when you run the application for the first time, it asks you for a set of permissions, be sure to give it to it.
  • On the main page, you will find a set of options for the applications installed on your phone
  • And you can clone it inside Parallel Space and get a double copy of it.
    run whatsapp
  • After you have finished selecting the apps you want to clone, click on Add To Parallel Space.
  • Then go to the home page of the application, and here you will find all the applications that you have made a copy of.
  • You can run the cloned app and log in to it so you can use it as if it was your only app.
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The application includes a set of ads that you can get rid of by subscribing to it, and you can also install the lite version of the application Parallel Space Lite Via Google Play Store as well.

You cannot use Parallel Space with iPhones and there is no version of the app for them yet.

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