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How to invest in branding to improve your business performance

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In an increasingly saturated market, smart and effective marketing strategies are vital tools in the challenge of building and maintaining a positive brand image in the consumer’s mind.

Consumption is no longer linked only to tangible characteristics, such as product durability and price, but mainly to intangible qualities, such as the company’s positioning and the way it communicates with the customer. Therefore, becoming a love brand is at the top of the list of priorities and goals in the business world.

A solid, coherent and effective brand management creates deep identification with the public, promoting its conquest, maintenance and engagement. According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, a consumer who develops an emotional connection with a brand can be up to 50% more valuable than a highly satisfied customer.

How to invest in branding to improve your business performance

The reason is precisely the affinity, it makes the individual purchase more products and services from an enterprise, being more focused on brand positioning and reputation and less sensitive to price variations.

In addition, brand admirers can act as ambassadors, promoting the dissemination of information in an organic and conscious way and influencing the decision-making power of their followers and social groups. Another very positive aspect is the frank conversation and feedback these consumers can provide.

They are an excellent source of insights for the brand, providing opportunities to further understand the expectations, desires, needs and behaviors of the segment’s audience.

Features that delight

As a brand management strategy, branding aims to make the brand a great positive reference, seeking recognition, memory, admiration and desire for the same values. Depending on the market niche, certain attributes can be more or less impactful and relevant in the brand management process.

Therefore, it is essential to deeply know the target audience. But two characteristics must necessarily be part of the branding of a company that wants good results – humanization and identification. To create connections with the mind and heart, consumers need to see themselves in brands.

A survey released by Customer Thermometer listed the reasons why people create emotional bonds with companies. The most recurrent were: the brand makes me feel that it cares about people like me (65%); the brand makes a positive difference in the world (55%); the brand understands me (45%); the brand is run by people like me (42%); the brand makes me feel special (34%); and the brand makes me feel excited about the future (33%).

Another important fact for those working on the branding of their venture are the 10 most recurrent feelings among brand fans. According to the survey, what people feel most when they have a connection with a company are: interest, confidence, optimism, admiration, acceptance, joy, security, fun, anticipation and love.

Important Concepts for Effective Brand Management

Create a personality for the brand

Successful branding starts with reason, well-defined, consistent, and strong company values, purposes, and identity. The idea is exactly to create a personality for the brand, which will guide all actions, design, communication, activities and speeches. Be unique, original, humanized and differentiate yourself, this helps in recognition and identification by the public.

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Invest in storytelling

Telling a story through a brand or a product or service is much more beneficial than just addressing features. Stories involve, move, mark, are relevant, humanized and talk about people. These are characteristics that influence the creation of connections and relationships.

Have a domain for your brand

Registering the trademark is an important measure of legal protection and guarantees that the enterprise has exclusivity to its name, logo and, in certain cases, products and services. In the digital environment, it is important to choose a clear domain that avoids misunderstandings and facilitates access. Some hosting plans even offer free domain. When selecting your domain, you check if it is available and register immediately.

Count on NPS

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a customer loyalty metric and can be used as a simple, fast, reliable and flexible tool to periodically assess your enterprise. The indicator basically reflects the degree of consumer satisfaction with the experience provided by the brand, taking into account the customer’s complete journey with the company.

NPS focuses on answering a single question: from 0 to 10, how likely are you to nominate us? it’s because? Questionnaire responses rank participants as promoters, neutrals, and detractors. The higher the score, the more inclined the consumer is to be a brand ambassador, to recommend the brand.

The goal, of course, is to reach the highest number possible, becoming a true love brand. This methodology works for companies of any segment and any size Examples of large companies that adhere to this metric are Dell, Nike, Ebay, Starbucks and Apple.

Pay attention to integrated marketing communication

Integrated marketing communication is the main tool used in brand management. It is the convergence of market strategy, positioning and communication in order to inform, persuade and retain the customer, generating financial return, adding value to the brand and consolidating its image.

Integrated marketing communication is employed in order to ensure that all interactions with the public follow the highest and unique objective of relating to the consumer.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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