How to install the application twice on Android [استنساخ التطبيقات]

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Often times we need to install the application twice on Android in order to register with more than one account, especially in social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, or communication applications such as WhatsApp and other applications, and there are many ways through which you can do this, as there are Specialized applications that allow you to do so, but in fact there is a built-in method in some Android phones that allows you to run the application twice without the need for third-party applications, etc., and this feature is available on Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and some other Android phones.

How to install the application twice on Android

If this feature is built into your phone, you can use it to run more than one application on your phone with ease, but if it is not available, you will need a third-party application, and the names of this feature differ from one phone to another, so on Samsung phones, for example, it is known as Dual Messenger. That being said, the feature does almost the same thing on various phones, and here are the detailed steps as follows:

  • Firstly, turn on your Android phone, then go to Settings and scroll down until you find the Utilities option and click on it.
  • After that, a list of applications that you can make copies of will appear, and here you will notice that not all applications are supported.
  • Search for the application you want to copy and then activate the toggle switch next to that application, in order to copy it.
Install the application twice on Android
  • Now the phone will automatically create and add a copy of the application you chose to your list of applications.

After the process of copying the application is completed, it will appear twice in the list of applications, and for the new application, it will not contain any data from the old application at all, allowing you to customize the new application and control it as you want. One of the most important flaws in this method is that it does not allow you to copy all applications, for example you cannot copy the Google Chrome browser, however you never need to worry, at the end of this topic we offer you some other methods that help you copy any application on your Android phone.

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Where is the copied app data saved?

If you install the application twice on your Android phone through the previous steps, a completely new application will be created separate from the original application, and it will not contain any applications from this old application, and therefore you cannot access its data through the application settings for the same application, But you can access its data through the file manager app, as you should find Parallel Apps storage folder which stores data of all the cloned apps.

How to install the application twice on Android [استنساخ التطبيقات] 1

The method may differ from one phone to another depending on the type of phone and the version of Android, but in general the basic steps are similar for the various phones that support this feature.

Other ways to install the application twice on Android

Clone applications

There are many other methods that allow you to install the application twice on Android or to clone applications, and you can use these methods in case the feature is not already available on your phone, or you do not find the application you want to copy in the list, and one of the best methods is to use Parallel Space application The very famous one, which is considered one of the best applications to install the application twice and clone applications on Android, where the application is characterized by ease of use and the ability to copy any application without problems.

There are other methods that allow you to use a specific application twice or create two accounts, not the same idea of ​​copying or cloning applications, but it works well, for example you can use the safe folder if it is available in your phone and you can download any application on it, and the application will be completely new and does not contain any Data from the old application already installed on your phone, and you can use certain applications twice, which are applications that have a second version.

Among these applications is the WhatsApp application, which allows you to download the WhatsApp Business application, through which you can register with a new phone number and thus a new account, there are also many applications that allow the availability of a light version or Lite and you can also benefit from that to create a new account on this application .

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