How to install or remove Notepad on Windows 10

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Microsoft has been changing the way it develops different Windows 10 apps. They are no longer tied to this system and are now independent and with their own cycles.

One of the first to receive this special treatment was the well-known Notepad. So it can be developed in a much more direct and independent way. As a result, in the new versions, it may not be present directly and needs to be installed.

Notepad Windows 10 install Microsoft

Very big changes in Notepad

Until recently, Notepad was an essential part of Windows 10 and could not be separated from it. Thus, it required that any development had to come up with Windows updates.

Microsoft decided to change this form and made Notepad independent and got you a place in your app store. This opens the door to constant improvements and developments, which make it even better.

Notepad Windows 10 install Microsoft

Simple to install on Windows

It also meant that it might not be installed directly with the system. For these cases, it is possible to install them later and for that they must open Windows 10 Settings.

Inside, you must choose the Applications option and then choose the Applications and features tab. Right at the beginning you will find the option Additional features, which you must choose.

Notepad Windows 10 install Microsoft

The list of Windows 10 features

In the next area you will have access to all the extra features that are installed on Windows 10. This may be an extensive list, but the option you are looking for is right at the beginning, with the name Add a feature.

Again, a vast list of features available to be installed will be shown. You just need to choose the one you want, this case is Notepad or Notepad. At the end, click on the Install button and follow the process.

Notepad Windows 10 install Microsoft

Microsoft is radically changing Notepad

If you want to remove Notepad, in the previous window, select this app. Then the Uninstall button will be available. They must again follow the presented process until the end and the app will be removed.

It is in this simple way that you can now control whether or not you want Notepad to be present. This basic text editor has been accompanying Widows for many years and has managed to evolve, albeit in a very timid way. It may now grow to the levels expected long ago.

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