How to get a fake US WhatsApp number

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You may find it strange to get a fake US number when you already have a phone number, so why might some people search for another number? In fact, having a fake number helps enhance a sense of privacy due to its limited scope of use, as it is used to activate the WhatsApp account and even the Messenger account so that no one knows your number if you want to or make calls on the Internet with friends in another country.

Below you will find a number of wonderful applications and websites that will help you to obtain a US fake number easily and with the click of a button.

How to get a fake US WhatsApp number

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Numero eSIM App

It is one of the most famous applications that help to easily obtain a fake US number, not only for personal use, but you can also use it commercially, and the application can provide you with a free number with limited features or a paid number with many advantages.

You can also have a virtual phone number from more than 80 countries and 3000 cities from all over the world, and you can get a free credit for the number by collecting coins from the application so that you can call locally and globally and activate the WhatsApp account or the Signal account or the Telegram account or Tinder account.

The virtual number helps you to prevent giving your personal number to strangers, which enhances the feeling of privacy and the possibility of using the number for a limited period or for some to use it commercially by giving the company a global number to communicate from abroad easily, which adds the distinguished international presence of the company.

You can use it in your Uber account, book restaurants or hotels, or use it in your WhatsApp account to receive work requests instead of using your personal number.

The application is free and contains paid services in case you wish to subscribe to them.

How to get a fake US number for WhatsApp 1
How to get a fake US WhatsApp number 2
How to get a fake US number for WhatsApp 3

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Talkatone App

Another application that offers a great number of features with regard to fake numbers for multiple uses, and you can use it over the Wi-Fi network or get free credit to use in calls and text messages.

Through the application, you can get a fake American or Canadian number with the advantage of changing the number at any time. It offers another great feature, which is copying your old phone number for free to start calling and sending text messages from a new phone number, in addition to making international calls at cheap prices and the ability to use The number to activate the famous social media accounts on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other accounts.

The application helps you to make international calls via Wi-Fi for free instead of exorbitant price plans and a number of other wonderful services, and it is free with a number of paid services.

How to get a fake US WhatsApp number
How to get a fake US number for WhatsApp 4
How to get a fake US number WhatsApp 5

Cloud SIM App

It is one of the other great applications that are used to obtain many virtual numbers stored in the cloud so that your phone becomes having two, three or even more numbers that also helps you to get a fake American number or an English, Canadian or French number.

The application also offers you a number of services to make international calls at a great and low cost, as well as a text messaging service at a very low cost.

By obtaining a virtual number, you can use it to activate your account on WhatsApp, Tinder, Telegram or Messenger, which guarantees you more privacy. The application offers you a number of other wonderful services, free as well as paid.

How to get a fake US WhatsApp number
How to get a fake US number WhatsApp 6
How to get a fake US number WhatsApp 5

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