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How to download apps safely on your mobile device? 5 tips

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They have been speculating for years about the future of humanity, specifically about people becoming androids, that is, partly humans and partly machines. You’ve probably heard about it and it’s no wonder, science fiction is a very popular genre. What few people have heard is that there are those who believe that we are already androids.

Our smartphones are part of ourselves. We left the house with the cell phone in our pockets to almost anywhere. Some people even contradict hygiene recommendations and take their cell phones to the bathroom. Mobile devices are so important that special care needs to be taken.

We are not talking about cleaning and preventing falls. This is also important. We are talking about the way we use them, especially about how we handle applications. In this article we will describe 5 tips for using apps for the smartphone.

como baixar apps de forma segura no seu dispositivo movel 5 dicas

1. Use apps from official vendors

Think fast: Which provider seems to be more reliable ”” or “free apps online”? If you know a little about the dangers of the internet, you must have recognized the ideal supplier. The problem is that almost anyone can create applications for smartphones, there is no filter for which applications can be used, at least, nothing that surpasses the end user. That is, you are the one who decides which applications can be installed.

It is asking too much for you to analyze and determine if an app is safe or not, so use the following rule: Use only official providers. We are talking about official apps from major brands like Apple, Facebook and etc. Browsers are also apps that should only come from official sources. a secure browser is what comes from developers known in the market.

2. Check the permissions that are requested by the application

Some applications ask permissions to work properly. For example, a messaging application may request access to your contact list. An image editing application can ask permission for your gallery and so on. This is a normal procedure and should not be refused, after all some applications will not even work without such permissions.

But when an app asks for permission for something suspicious, you could be the victim of some kind of attack. For example, if an image-editing application asks for permission to access your contact list, there is probably something wrong.

3. Install a VPN Application

como proteger sua privacidade online utilizando vpn 1

In the digital world, personal data is worth a lot. That is why it is important to do everything possible to maintain the security of your personal data. There are malicious people out there who would love to gain access to your information. A VPN is an application that prevents you from being identified by your unique IP address. Using an app like this is one of the most important steps to stay anonymous on the internet. A VPN is a private network within a public network.

It is the same as a tunnel between a server that uses this app and a computer. It is the way to be more secure on public networks, like the internet itself. Installing this app can be as simple as installing an extension on your browser. In fact, you can simply install a VPN extension on major browsers like Google Chrome.

4. Do not use public wifi

Who doesn’t like to use good public wifi? It is practical, especially for those who are on the run from day to day and do not stay long in a place with a private wifi. The problem is that public wifis offer a very low level of security. When you access a public wife, there is no guarantee that there will be no spies monitoring everything you are doing.

Believe me, there are countless ways that malicious people can use to take advantage of users of public wifis. They can hijack your connection and make it look like you’re accessing a trusted website, when you’re actually accessing their website.

5. Keep applications up to date

Some people have a terrible habit of not updating smartphone apps. This is quite common, especially for people with low memory smartphones. The idea is to stop updating to save space. The problem is that the update often concerns a security issue. Therefore, it will be much better to uninstall non-essential applications to save space. Whenever there is an update available on your system, make sure to update. It is better to update manually, so you have control of your device’s apps.

Final considerations

Following these tips is a great way to stay safe, but unfortunately there is no 100% insurance. Remember that even government departments have already been invaded. The best thing to do is to follow tips like these and keep your chances of problems close to zero.

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