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How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone –

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In the event that you are facing many duplicate numbers on your iPhone, then this is considered a problem as deleting those numbers is not easy in addition to that it takes up space that may be small from the phone memory, but it makes you distracted especially when you have many duplicate information for the same contact and may This happens by mistake, you may have registered the name of a person twice on your phone, or you retrieved the backup from iCloud. Perhaps you may have recovered numbers that already exist, and those duplicate numbers can easily be deleted through several methods.

There are several ways you can choose what you prefer so that you can easily remove duplicate numbers on the iPhone, which we will explain below.

Delete duplicate numbers manually

If you have few duplicate contacts, you can remove these numbers manually without the need for any external application and all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Open the duplicate contacts on your iPhone.
  • Either you search or you already know which numbers you have repeated, and in this case, in the search box, enter the name that you repeated so that you can delete that number.

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

  • If the two numbers are identical, they do not differ in the information listed within each number. If you are facing the problem of duplicate numbers, you can delete it by pressing any of them.
  • Click on “Edit” at the top of the screen.

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

  • You will be directed to modify the number and at the bottom of the list you will find the number “Delete Contact”, press it to delete and again in order to confirm the deletion.

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

Therefore, it is considered a simple way for iPhone users to delete these duplicate numbers, but if you have a large number of these numbers, follow the methods below.

Delete duplicate numbers through iCloud

In the event that the contacts were synced by mistake, this may lead to your phone importing contacts that are already on your phone from the backup that it keeps on your iCloud account, and you can easily remove duplicate numbers on your iPhone through the following steps :

  • From your computer, open the browser and go to Contacts in your iCloud account from here .
  • Log in to your account with your Apple ID and passcode.
  • After your account lists the numbers that were accidentally synced, delete them by holding down ctrl and using the mouse to select duplicate numbers, pressing the Settings tab, and choosing “Delete” as shown in the picture below.

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

  • Once done, you will get rid of all the duplicate contacts on your phone that were synced by mistake.

Delete duplicate numbers through applications

There are some applications that can help in clearing duplicate contacts easily, regardless of the number of those numbers, and we will display two applications that help you in that.

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts!

The application helps you delete duplicate numbers at lightning speed without searching manually and it can create a backup copy of contacts and it can manage the contact book on Gmail and iCloud in addition to it is able to detect duplicate contacts with 100% accuracy and then it will present you results and you can After that choose to remove all duplicate contacts from your address book or merge a subset of existing duplicates only and you can back up contacts before scanning as well as after scanning and You can download it from here .

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

Cleaner Pro

It is one of the popular applications to delete duplicate numbers on your iPhone, and the application helps you merge duplicate contacts and clean your phone book by carefully checking the contacts on your phone, it helps you create a clean address book free of clutter even in the event of replacing the phone or sim card with another And it can restore any contact that was deleted and the application contains a precise search system so that you can access any number through simple information in light of the huge number of numbers that you own in addition to the number of 15 languages ​​until the number of users reached more than 3 million users around the world at a time Short and it is completely free You can download it from here .

How to delete duplicate numbers on iPhone

Thus you can easily control your contact book on the iPhone, which helps you in merging or removing duplicate numbers or controlling them as you like, but our advice is always to make sure to make a backup copy for Recover photos and contacts Easily in the event that you lose them at any time, and you can do so through your iTunes or iCloud account or your Gmail account.

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