How to copy apps for Android and login with multiple accounts 2021

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Learn now how to copy applications for Android so that you can login with more than one account on the same Android phone without the need to exit and enter applications to change the account.

Below you will find a number of wonderful applications that will help you to clone applications on your phone to have 2 Facebook applications or 2 Messenger applications and so on from the applications that have more than one account.

It is useful for many people, especially those who rely on applications to create personal and business accounts, which keeps you always informed of all developments.

How to copy apps to Android and log in with multiple accounts

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Parallel Space

The first application in the list of copies of applications for Android that helps you have a great experience in using multiple accounts for an exciting gaming experience without fear of risking and losing points with the feature of hiding secret applications for users so that no one knows that you have another account on the same application.

The application is characterized by the speed of switching between two accounts with one click and copies many applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and other social networking applications. Note that some applications cannot operate two accounts with the same phone number, so you will have to use another number or email, which is a free application .

How to copy apps to Android and log in with multiple accounts

Dual Space

You can use Dual Space to copy apps for Android easily, which helps you to get your personal space away from social media accounts that contain coworkers or relatives.

The application helps you to make your private account hidden and cannot be seen by others. The application does not consume a lot of power and ensures that data from different accounts does not interfere with each other, but in some applications that you copy, you may not be able to use the camera with it and you can copy applications Such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many others, and it is free.

How to copy apps to Android and log in with multiple accounts


It is a wonderful application, as its name suggests, as it is used specifically to create two accounts for the applications that you use on your Android phone, so that you do not have to own another Android phone for other accounts.

The application helps you easily switch between the two accounts on Android applications, whether games applications or social networking applications, which helps you easily manage your work life and your personal life also on a regular basis. The application supports privacy and securely locks cloned applications so that no one intrudes and enters This makes it a great application for copying applications for Android, and it is free.

How to copy apps to Android and log in with multiple accounts

Multi Apps

The application is the fastest in copying Android applications easily so that you can make multiple accounts on social networking sites and multiple accounts for games on your phone at the same time, in addition to supporting the application for Android 10 as well as 11 with continuous updates to develop the application and get rid of errors.

The application is specially designed for complete separation between multiple accounts, especially on social networking sites, and the ability to quickly switch between one account on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other applications in which you can have more than one account. The application uses a security lock so that it can support your privacy securely And thus protect you from intruders better, and it is a free application.

How to copy apps to Android and log in with multiple accounts

These were the most important applications through which you can copy applications for Android and create multiple accounts on game applications or social networking applications with security support for privacy, but please, dear reader, do not use that in what angers God Almighty.

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