How to clean the phone without damaging the screen to prevent corona virus

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If the phone screen is unclean with daily use or you are concerned about the spread of the Corona virus, then it is time to learn how to clean the phone without damaging the screen by learning the right and wrong ways to clean the phone screen.

Although surfaces and phones are not considered the primary method for transmitting the Corona virus, it is possible for the virus to be transmitted to your phone and last for hours on surfaces and phones, so it can be transmitted to you easily.

Cleaning the phone is a good idea, but you have to know the correct method and know the products that you should avoid using and how to care for waterproof phones, and during the article we will learn how to clean the phone without damaging the screen to prevent corona virus.

Phone sterilization

If you touch your phone after touching a general door handle, for example, you will immediately think of disinfecting it with alcohol, but you have to pay attention that alcohol affects the coatings on the phone screen and resists water and dust, which leads to damage to the screen and external ports.

And some sites suggest making a mixture of alcohol and water, but it needs certain proportions, but the safest thing is to use disinfectant wipes that contain 70% alcohol, and before there were guidelines about not using wet wipes on the screen, but Apple recommended using them.

You can use a soft cloth and spray alcohol on it and then clean the phone with it. Another option is an investment Ultraviolet rays Because it kills 99.9% of germs.

Clean fingerprint stains from your screen

Clean up the phone

It is difficult to prevent staining the phone with fingerprints, but the safest way to be able to clean the phone and remove fingerprints is to use a piece of fiber cloth, and distilled water can be used to moisten the cloth and then wipe the screen, with the need to avoid direct water spraying on the screen.

You can also rely on a microfiber screen cleaner sticker that sticks to the back of the phone and pops up when you need to clean the phone.

Remove dust and lint with this trick

Clean up the phone

With the passage of time, dirt and lint can accumulate in the small ports on the phone, and the best solution to remove these dirt is the adhesive tape, which can be placed along the edges of the phone, including the speaker, and gently roll it up in the ports and then pull it, and then any dirt, sand or lint will be removed. .

For smaller and more difficult-to-reach speaker holes, you can use a toothpick gently to avoid hurting them.

Safely remove makeup

Some make-up may fall on the phone, especially when making a phone call, and some make-up gets stuck on the screen, and while you can safely use makeup remover on your skin, it is necessary not to use it as a phone screen cleaner due to chemicals that may affect the phone screen.

You can try alcohol wipes to remove traces of make-up from the screen of your phone, while avoiding products that contain chlorine or phosphates that damage the surface of the screen.

Can you wash waterproof phones?

If you have a waterproof phone, that does not mean that you wash the phone with water, although some phone tests confirm that there are phones such as the iPhone 7 that can withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes, but what is the reason for the adventure? The phone may be damaged.

When washing the phone with water, water may reach the ports, which means that you will not be able to charge the phone until it dries up and it may take some time, so it is best to avoid exposing your phone to water and use a fiber towel to clean it.

Things You Should Never Use When Cleaning Your Phone

  • Hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer contains perfume and alcohol, which affects the phone screen.
  • Window cleaner: Some people may use a window cleaner to clean the phone screen, but that may harm your phone.
  • Tissue papers: Tissue papers can scratch your screen.
  • Make-up remover: Some removers contain chemicals that may affect the screen.
  • Compressed air: Some people may use compressed air to clean the small holes in the phone, but that exposes your phone to damage.
  • Dish soap and hand soap: Dish soap and hand soap can damage the screen of your phone when you use it.

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