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How to choose the best chair to set up a gaming setup

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Setting up a gaming setup is seen by many gamers as an investment. This is a way to enjoy, but above all, to “live” the game even more.

But, contrary to what many people think, setting up a gaming setup is not just a “thing” for players! For professionals working in the gaming sector, having a work environment where they can improve and, in fact, work with all conditions, is essential!

So, whether you are an amateur or a professional player, this article is for you! Here we talk about some factors that you should take into account when choosing the best chair for your gaming setup.

How to choose the best chair to set up a

And the best chair is….

Nowadays there are several models of office chairs which can easily be used by players. This type of chairs tends to be more discreet, but not less functional!

First of all, remember: the best chair is the one that best fits you and your body. Therefore, although you can accept recommendations from friends and colleagues, when choosing a chair, give priority to the advice of those who have a face more similar to yours. Also, always take into account the measurements of the chair in question, referring to its size.

To help you, we share with you three golden rules that you should keep in mind when making your final choice (and purchase):

  1. The back of the chair must match the natural curvature of the lower back.
  2. Also the height will need to be adjusted. In this sense, you should allow the knees to be positioned at 90 degrees. Same with the arms that must be positioned 90 degrees from the table.
  3. The computer monitor must be at eye level, ensuring that the neck is always straight.

In addition to size, be sure to check how much weight the chair can support. This is very important, because if you exceed the indicated weight, its features end up losing their effect.

In this sense, know that most chairs you will find on the market can support up to 150 kilos. Anyway, we always advise you to confirm the value.

Chair adjustments

After checking the sizes, our second tip is to consider the adjustability factor. In other words, opt for a gaming chair with several options and ergonomic adjustments, whether in terms of height, seat or armrests.

Other interesting extras that today’s chairs have are, for example, the extra support that is given to the lumbar areas and the neck, as well as the possibility to adjust its balance.

Chair material

As a rule, chairs are either made of fabric or covered in leather (can be natural or synthetic) – with mixed options as well. In fact, you will see how this factor has a strong influence on the final price.

For a gamer, that is, someone who spends a lot of time in the chair, we recommend fabric chairs. As a rule, this is a sturdier material and also more breathable.

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