How to check wifi signal strength

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How to check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal is important, when the Internet speed seems lower than expected or there is a failure to play videos and load pages in the browser, as the problem may be due to your distance too far from the router or an obstacle that prevents the signal from reaching you, in this article We explain two methods in order to find out how strong the signal of the Internet is.

Factors Affecting WiFi Signal Strength

How to check wifi signal strength 2
How to check wifi signal strength

Wi-Fi signal strength means making sure that there are no intruders infiltrating your air network, and they drag your internet speed, it also means the quality of service provided by the company that provides you with it, and internet connection speed is affected by a number of factors that you must know before knowing how to check signal strength Wi-Fi, namely:

  • The amount of distance between you and the source ie the router.
  • Connection type is it 2.4GHz or 5.
  • The type of material the walls of the house or apartment are made of and how thick they are.

But in fact, the lack of connection is not always caused by weak signal, it may be simple and all you need is to restart your router or your mobile device or both.

The problem may also be related to the Wi-Fi connection itself. If you have a normal computer connected to the Internet via a network cable, make sure that the pages open on it at a reasonable speed or not. If the Internet is working on it well, in this case it is not from the signal strength, but from the Wi-Fi connection, if it is the other way around, then in this case the problem is in the signal strength and you have to check it through one of the following two methods.

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How to check WiFi signal strength in the easiest way

How to check wifi signal strength 3
How to check wifi signal strength

Whatever device you’re using to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll find a sign with five consecutive lines in the shape of an arc. The higher the signal strength, the more or all of those lines will appear clear, and the weaker the signal strength, the more faint the lines.

The problem is that different devices may show the signal differently, so more than one device must be tested to verify the true signal strength. If the signal is strong in two or more devices, this indicates that it is really strong and vice versa.

If you find the signal weak, try to move around the place and get closer to the source to see if things will change or not. Note when the Wi-Fi bars become all full and when they become dim, and this method, despite its primitive, is easy and fast and in many cases does the job.

How to check WiFi signal strength more accurately

How to check wifi signal strength 4
How to check wifi signal strength

Fortunately, there are many applications that are used to perform this task, and the most important of these applications are:

It can be downloaded for Android users from here

  • All Router Setup- WIFI Signal

You can download it for Android devices from here

  • iWifi – speed & signal test

Suitable for iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Apple Store متجر from here

It is important to know that the numbers for the signal strength appear in these applications with a negative number ranging from -30 to -90, the number -30 means that the signal is good, and the signal remains good until -50 or -60 but -90, -80 or -70 means That signal is bad.

This was the easiest and fastest method used on how to check WiFi signal strength, choose which one suits you best and apply it immediately after taking into consideration the factors on which signal strength depends, and in an upcoming article we will learn about ways to improve signal strength after checking it.

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