How to change the YouTube language on the computer and the phone

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We offer you an explanation of how to change the language of YouTube, which is considered one of the best and most popular social networking sites based on broadcasting and sharing the video, as YouTube has become very popular around the world among different ages, and YouTube provides many features and capabilities that you can do, including that you can change the language YouTube in the language that suits you, as it sets the default language on the phone or computer, and if you want to change it, you will need to follow some simple steps, which we present to you below.

Change YouTube language on computer

You can change the YouTube language on the computer easily through the YouTube homepage, and the method is somewhat easier than changing the YouTube language on the phone, and here are the steps below:

  • First, log in to YouTube On a computer through any browser, after which you will need to log into your Google account.
  • Now click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube page, and click on Language from among the options that appear.

Change the YouTube language

  • When selecting languages, a long list of languages ​​will appear to you. Search for the language you want and click on it.

Change the YouTube language

  • Now you will notice that the YouTube page is updated automatically and it will appear in the new language.

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How to change the YouTube language in the phone

There are a lot of smart phone applications that do not provide the option to change the language from within the application, and unfortunately the YouTube application is among these applications, as it does not provide you with an option directly to change the language, but you will need to change the language of the device in the first place and thus the YouTube language is changed to this language, Here are the steps below:

On your Android phone, go to the Settings application, then choose the language and input, then the language, then add a language, and select the language you want, and do not forget to move the language you want to the top of the language list so that it is the default language of the phone and thus it is applied to YouTube and other applications.

How to change the YouTube language on computer and phone 1

These steps may differ slightly from one phone to another, as you may find the language and input option in the General Administration section of the Settings application on your phone.

On iPhone phones, go to Settings> General> Languages ​​and Preferences and click on Add Language and then choose your preferred language and place it at the top of the list so that it is the primary language of your phone and finally click on Continue to save the settings and now you can enter the application YouTube where you will notice its language change to the new language that you set on your phone.

There is another trick that you can use to change the YouTube language on your Android phone or iPhone to another language without changing the device’s language, which is by entering YouTube from one of the browsers on your phone and not from the app, then activating browsing in desktop mode and then you can change the language easily Through the same steps to change the YouTube language on the computer.

Change the country in YouTube

Instead of changing the language of YouTube, you can change your country or site in YouTube, and if you change the country, this will not affect the language in which you use the YouTube application, but what will change in YouTube is that the content will appear according to the new country that you chose, for example it will You find the videos in the trending section that change according to the site you choose, and here is how to change the country in YouTube as follows:

Follow the same steps to change the language completely, as you need to go to the YouTube website and then click on the profile icon, but instead of choosing the language, choose the location, and from here you can choose the country you want. As for On the phone, you can change the country from within the YouTube application as follows: Go to the application and click on the profile icon next to the search box at the top and choose “Settings” then “General Settings” and scroll down and then click on “Geolocation” and change it to The country you want.

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