How to block YouTube channels 2021

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How to block YouTube channels is an important thing to know for many, especially if those channels display inappropriate or annoying content for you, while YouTube keeps showing their clips in front of you whenever you open your main page, in this article we show how to do that, whether on a computer or phone with an explanation For all methods of blocking different channels.

How to block YouTube channels

There are three ways to block YouTube channels, according to what you want to get from this blocking. A channel can be blocked with a certain block, such as pornographic content, especially in mobile phones used by children where they can open any bad content without knowledge or knowledge.

There is another way to prevent the channel from being suggested or appearing on your home page if the content you do not like or is not suitable for you or for those who use the device, but it does not fall under the description of pornographic content, such as some channels that show bad pranks imitated by children and others.

The third method is to prevent a channel from commenting on the clips you post on your channel.

Method 1: How to hide a YouTube channel

How to prevent certain YouTube channels from appearing on your homepage 2
How to block YouTube channels

YouTube displays on your homepage clips from the channels you subscribe to or from other channels it sees that are close to the content you like, follow, or the content of a popular channel.

Sometimes YouTube makes a mistake and shows you content that does not suit you, so what is how to block YouTube channels, fortunately it provides an easy way to prevent the appearance of channels that you do not like, and in this case, that channel will not appear in front of you again, not even in Google search results, as the YouTube account It is linked to a Google account, and any change is reflected on all sites where you use a Google account.

This can be done on the computer by entering the YouTube program and then searching for a clip of that channel that you want to block from appearing. There are three points that will appear when you hover the mouse on the video. These points open a list containing some options, click on (Do not suggest this channel (If your account is in Arabic, but if the account is in English, choose Don’t Recommend Channel

Once you do that, the channel will be blocked, and its suggestion will be prevented. This can be done in the same way for mobile phones, whether Android or iPhone, but you will find the list of three dots in a different place, and it is important to know that undoing the blocking of the channel again individually is not possible, but the channel can be returned Just a second by unblocking all previously blocked channels.

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Method 2: How to block porn YouTube channels

How to prevent certain YouTube channels from appearing on your homepage 3
How to block YouTube channels

There is no one hundred percent protection filter, but we assure you that the protection rate in this method is very high, actually close to one hundred, and it blocks any other content that is not completely pornographic, but it is not suitable for children, and it is one of the best ways that you should know in order to block channels The YouTube.

This can be done easily by clicking on your account picture at the top of the screen, then selecting Settings and then General settings and then scrolling down where you will find Restricted mode that blocks adult content, press the button on the left of the screen until it becomes blue meaning that it has become Enabled.

Please note that this feature will not remain in effect on your account on any device, but is limited to the device you used to do this, so if you use the same account to open YouTube from other devices, repeat it on it.

How to prevent certain YouTube channels from appearing on your homepage 4
How to block YouTube channels

As for the third method, which means blocking a channel from your comment, it can be done on the computer by searching for the channel name in the search box, then press the word about to open the channel details and choose the flag icon, then block the channel and then send, this can be done for mobile as well. By searching for the name of the channel and then opening it from the inside, you will find on the left the three dots, I want to form a list, click on it and choose Ban User.

Through this article, we learned how to prevent YouTube channels from appearing on you efficiently, in easy and fast ways, with clarification of the steps with pictures for greater ease.

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