How to backup your iPhone

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Smartphones have become an important part in our daily life, and these devices are usually subject to loss, damage or theft, and sometimes the iPhone phones may not be backed up automatically, and this may be due to problems in the application or network, so if you want to know How to preserve your iPhone data and back up your data, here are simple steps to help you.

If you want to preserve the privacy of your iPhone and secure your data from damage, you can back up your phone data to iCloud or keep a copy on your Mac or Windows device to keep a full copy of your data, and here’s how to back up your iPhone.

Is iPhone backup necessary?

The importance of backing up is to store your personal data and settings on the iPhone, so in the event of any errors, damage or loss of your phone, you can easily restore the backup.

And when you backup data, this not only prevents data loss but also helps you transfer your data when updating your phone to a higher model, just imagine how frustrated you would be if you had to start over when using a new iPhone.

What are the best ways to backup your iPhone?

There are many ways that you can back up your data on iPhone, but during the article we will look at the most used backup methods, which are iCloud and iTunes.

How to backup iPhone using iCloud


Apple provides 5 GB of free iCloud storage space for every iPhone user, and although that space is used quickly, there are many options available to buy additional iCloud storage space, and here are the steps to back up your iPhone to iCloud

  • From your iPhone, you have to open your Wi-Fi network.
  • Open Settings, then click on your name.
  • Choose the iCloud option.
  • Scroll down and choose iCloud Backup.
  • Click the Back Up Now option and you have to keep your iPhone connected to the Wi-Fi network until the process is completed.
  • Checking the new backup.
  • Go to settings, then click on your name and choose iCloud.
  • Click on iCloud Storage, then click on Manage Storage.
  • Select your device and the backup will display all your information.

Note / You must make sure that there is enough iCloud storage space for the backup process to take place, and if you want to activate the automatic backup feature, you must follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings, then choose your name, and click on the iCloud Backup option, then click on iCloud.
  • Click the iCloud backup toggle button to automatically activate the backup.

How to backup iPhone using iTunes

Backing up on iTunes is one of the most effective methods, but you have to make sure that your phone is connected to your computer, and here are the steps for making a backup copy to iTunes.

  • Open the iTunes application on your computer or Mac.
  • Enter the passcode to link your iPhone to your computer.
  • Select your device when it appears on iTunes iTunes.
  • Clicking on the File option, then Hardware, then the Backup option, or choosing “Backup Now.”

Note / You have to be patient, as this process may take some time to finish and you must make sure that there is enough storage space on your computer or Mac to save the backup.

Those were the best ways to back up iCloud and iTunes for iPhone data, and the article reviewed the importance of making a backup, including preserving data from damage or loss, and you can share with us in the comments below about your favorite way to back up your data on iPhone. .

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