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How to adjust vibration on your Android device

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When you buy a smartphone or tablet, it is already configured with a vibration intensity (by default), namely to be applied when you receive a notification (example email or sms).

But if you don’t find the vibration intensity of your device appropriate for you, then find out how you can easily customize the vibration level on the Android operating system. But beware, this configuration is only available for phones with Android 10 or higher.

How to change the intensity of vibration on an Android phone

On your smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, go to the menu and choose the option “Settings”. Scroll down a little until you find the “Accessibility” option, selecting it.

Then choose the option “Interaction and Dexterity” and, later, select the option “Interaction Control”. There, select “Vibration and Tactile Strength”. In this option you can customize separately the tactile intensity and the intensity with which your device vibrates when receiving a call or notification. You will have the opportunity to turn this option off completely or choose from three levels of intensity.

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How to change the vibration intensity on a Samsung Galaxy

If you use a Samsung device, then you will not find the option to change the vibration intensity in the “Accessibility” option. To be able to adjust, then you must select “Settings” and, later, choose the option “Sounds and Vibration”.

There, go to “Vibration Intensity” and adjust the intensity for notifications, incoming calls and ring interaction response, depending on your preference.

Different options on Android smartphones

Although your device can use Android 10 or higher, all brands have their own versions of the “Settings” menu, with different layouts. In this way, there is the possibility that the “change the vibration intensity” feature is found in another menu.

If you can’t find this option, then try looking for “Vibration” in the search bar at the top of “Settings”.

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