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How to activate the accident detection feature on the Pixel phone

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If you’re using one of Google’s Pixel phone models, you can enable the feature Detecting traffic accidents which may be very useful.

The feature uses location data, motion sensors, and ambient sound to determine if you’ve been in an accident.

It raises an alarm to make sure you’re okay and to call the emergency numbers you specified earlier so you can get help in time.

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Activate the feature in a pixel phone

  • Find the previously installed Personal Security app and tap on it.
  • After opening the app, tap the gear icon at the top left of the app.
  • Turn on the button next to the Traffic Accident Detection option.
  • Also on this page, you can click on the Try Demo option below to see how the feature works.

How to activate the accident detection feature on the

And when the phone detects that you have had an accident on the road, it will vibrate strongly and sound an alarm. And from Then the voice assistant will speak to you, telling you to say emergency if you want to call an emergency number, or you can say cancel if not needed.

And if you say Cancel or tap I’m OK across the screen, you can In this case, indicate whether you have had a minor accident or not.

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By doing so, you can help Google improve its detection methods so that they are more accurate in the future.

And if you call the emergency number, you see your exact location across the screen so you can let the emergency know where you are.

How to activate the accident detection feature on the Pixel phone

And in case something should happen, it is helpful to know that there are security measures in place within your Pixel phone to keep you safe.

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It is worth noting that the leaks of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones have begun to appear as the launch date approaches. as it appeared Leaks about the existence of a third model of this series. But so far there are no reliable details about its specifications and features.

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