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How much does Mark Zuckerbeg’s security cost? and Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai?

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We know that nowadays the security of some entrepreneurs is important, particularly when we are talking about top companies, such as Facebook, Apple, Uber, among others. Well, companies invest a lot of money in the safety of their top employees and, if that’s no surprise, it is interesting to know the numbers. And they are awesome!

In a new analysis of the security expenses accumulated by Silicon Valley giants shows that they spent on 11 executives the modest amount of US$ 46 million to protect them during 2020. The leader of this “ranking” is, none other than, Mark Zuckerber, CEO of Facebook, where, according to the site Protocol, $23.4 million was spent on security. An increase when compared to the year 2019, which was spent 20.4 million.

The company attributed the increase to the new COVID-19 protocols and additional protection during the US elections, as Facebook was heavily featured (in the negative) in previous elections. With these results, Mark Zuckerber was, by far, the executive who had the most costs in relation to his safety by a large margin. In fact, the total of the 11 executives with the highest security bills, make a total of 46 million dollars, which means that Zuckerberg, alone, costs more than half of the total amount, which is still incredible.

How much does Mark Zuckerbegs security cost and Tim CookIn a comparison with another very important executive who is, at present, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, spent “only” 1.6 million dollars on personal security. An incredible difference. But Mark is not alone on this list when we talk about Facebook executives.

It is right in second place on this list of “most spenders” that we find the second most costly security executive, the company’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, with an estimated cost of 7.6 million dollars.

These values ​​are justified by the growing importance of technology in the world, with a clear emphasis on social networks that have had an additional importance not only in the economy, but in the life of the world population. Fame inevitably brought with it unwarranted attention.

Facebook, which has been accused of everything from polarizing public discourse to allowing false information about vaccines to spread, proves to be quite defensive. The company had previously noted in SEC documents that Zuckerberg is “synonymous” with the “negative feeling” around him. In April, Facebook noted that its annual assessments “identified specific threats to Mr. Zuckerberg.”

But he’s not the only one, as last year it was revealed that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO at Altura, had his WhatsApp hacked two years earlier, realizing why companies have spent millions on securing these top employees.

In this list of expenses, 11 executives were mentioned. Follow the list to find out what the other 9:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook – $23.4 million
  2. Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook – $7.6 million
  3. Sundar Pichai- Google- $5.4 million
  4. John Zimmer – Lyft- $2.06 million
  5. Larry Ellison – Oracle – $1.71 million
  6. Evan Spiegel – Snap – $1.67 million
  7. Jeff Bezos – Amazon – $1.6 million
  8. Marc Benioff – Salesforce – $1.31 million
  9. Dara Khosrowshahi – Uber – $849 000
  10. Logan Green – Lyft- $599 000
  11. Tim Cook – Apple – $470 000

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