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How does Google’s opening of its store contribute to the growth of Pixel phone sales?

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Suddenly and without any previous reports or rumors, Google announced last Thursday that it is preparing to open the first physical retail store this summer to sell its various products to the public, as the first store that it plans to open soon is located in the Chelsea area in New York City, USA, in order to The public can try its products and buy them directly, similar to what happens in Apple stores around the world.

First: What are Google’s motives in opening its first physical retail store?

Looking at Apple’s retail stores, it has undoubtedly become a milestone in the company’s history and has become especially attractive to fans of the company’s products, as the first Apple store called (Fifth Avenue) Fifth Avenue Located in Manhattan, New York City, USA, it is considered a prominent landmark and one of the prominent tourist destinations in the city, and it has formed and still is part of the company’s success and has become a special symbol for lovers of Apple products.

For this reason, Google wants to simulate the same success by opening an actual retail store of its own that represents a destination for the public to experience its products directly, and to get closer to the audience interested in the devices it manufactures, especially the Pixel phone chain, as the company promised more retail stores that offer Its products are worldwide in the coming period.

Second: How will the opening of the store contribute to the growth of Pixel phone sales?

Without a doubt, the opening of the retail chain for Google means that it will certainly be committed to launching new devices to sell in it, and the store will not be dedicated to exploring Google’s programs only, the goal is for customers to be able to try products before purchasing them, as mentioned On her official blog:

“In the Google Store, customers will be able to browse and buy a wide range of products manufactured by the company, ranging from Pixel-branded smartphones, Nest products, Fitbit devices, Pixelbooks products and many other products.”

Although the company is known for making popular products, such as: Nest-branded speakers, Chromecast smartphones, as well as wearable devices and smart watches expected after its acquisition of Fitbit, all of these devices are promising and have their enthusiastic audience.

However, the company still needs to provide worthy pioneering products to attract the enthusiastic audience, and there are no better products than smartphones, tablets and laptops, and speaking of smartphones, the Pixel series in particular is the type of device that users search for heavily and want to try it first. Before making a purchase decision.

In this regard, the announcement by Google of the opening of a retail store means that it is finally ready to focus more and more seriously than before to present a phone that competes strongly in the market of leading smartphones, as all the leaks indicate that 2021 will be a great year for its next flagship phone (Pixel 6). ).

Where reports have emerged that the company may significantly redesign the phone, and it may contain a new processor called (GS101) from Google, which is the first of its kind for the company, as the new processor promises to achieve an increase in the speed, performance and battery life of the Android operating system, where the phone seems to be finally Ready to compete with the upcoming flagship phones this year, such as: iPhone 13 and Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones.

With all this in mind, the company’s announcement of the opening of its retail store is likely one of the best Pixel 6 teasers of the year so far, and it means that Google is already planning to make more and better devices than before.

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