How do I work online?

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How do I work online? A question that many ask themselves after the labor market stopped for a long time due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting damage that affected the lives of many individuals, and they found nothing but work on the Internet to help them achieve an income for their family that they can rely on to meet their basic needs, there are many ways to work on But you need experience and skill to make the most of these methods, let us introduce you to the best ways in which you can make monthly profits to your liking.

How do I work online?

You once asked yourself how to work on the Internet and did not find a useful answer to your question, it is possible that my words came to you at some point, as there are many strategies that benefit you and earn you a guaranteed profit per month, and these strategies are experiences for many users of sites, applications and others One of the guaranteed ways to profit from the Internet, and the methods of profit from the Internet vary, as some people resort to profit from traffic, views, and number of visits, and there are many easy sites that you can profit from through traffic.

There are also some sites and companies that are considered as a free platform that performs a mediation process between the worker and the customer or the service owner and the service provider and guarantees the means of payment and delivery of payments, and there are many investment sites that guarantee you a profit or a percentage of the profits achieved by the company and send it to your electronic wallet, but you need to To start investing with a suitable capital in order to be able to make a suitable profit.

We will present to you some new ways that if you apply the registration steps and work on them, you will earn a lot of money and be an appropriate response to the question of how to work on the Internet.

Profit from traffic and visits

If you are looking for a new strategy to profit from traffic and visits, or even if you are a beginner in this field, but you want to try this strategy, you should:

  • To have one of the tools that will enable you to collect visits, for example, owning a website, forum, or even groups on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook.
  • That these sites or groups are interactive and have a large number of people who will visit or enter the ads that those sites will display on your traffic source.

Profit from different sites

a-ads site

How do I work online?
How do I work online?

One of the most famous sites that pay for placing ads and visits that enter your site or your traffic source, a-ads site is a strong alternative to Google Adsense, but the difference between the two sites is that Google Adsense pays to your bank account directly, and on the other hand, a-ads site pays Bitcoin, so you will need a wallet for digital currencies, which you can easily own one and through which you will convert these currencies into a real balance that you receive on any bank account, e-wallet or Vodafone Cash, and we will show you the steps how to do this strategy, knowing that the a-ads site pays for the visit Or $0.62 per click and $0.01 per visit.

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Register on the a-ads website

  1. You can enter the official website of a-ads company and register on it from here.
  2. Click on the three horizontal bar button and choose sign up. You can log in by typing your email, access code or social media.
  3. After that, you will verify your account with the email and verification code that will be sent to you.

Installing a-ads

  • You can install a-ads ads on your site with ease.
  • Go to the menu with the three horizontal dashes and select Earn.
  • Enter the URL of your site or your traffic source on which you will display ads.
  • Then choose the type of ads you want to display on your site, choose the ad size, and then click on the captcha button, then create ad unit.
  • You will then see the HTML code that you must take and paste in the appropriate place in the template code of your site or your traffic resource.
  • The a-ads site will take some time to scan your site to make sure that the visits will be real and that the ads are installed correctly, then the ads will appear in the form of banners on your site, from which your entry will be calculated.

Time bucks website

How to work online 1

You constantly ask yourself how to work on the Internet. Time bucks is one of the new sites that operates a different mechanism from the rest of the profit sites from the Internet because the site gives you many ways to profit through it, such as:

  • Watch ads and videos
  • Click on the short links and visits for money.
  • Surveys and building opinions, ideas and suggestions.
  • Monetization through visits to videos on Tik Tok and YouTube.
  • Profit by developing and shortening links, and profit through visits to those links.
  • Profit through commission marketing on online markets such as Ali express and Amazon.

There are many ways to earn through the Time bucks site, but you must work on the site until you get the first income of $ 10 so that you can verify your account.
Which will require some personal information about you, a photo of your ID and a selfie, and everyone has the right to have only one account and these requirements are to ensure that there is no fraud or plagiarism

Register on the Time bucks site

  1. To enter the time bucks site Press here.
  2. You can register on the Time bucks website via Gmail, e-mail, Google Account, or social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. After registration, the user’s home page will appear, which will include the actions that you must do to earn money from the site.

Earning from time bucks

You can profit from Time bucks easily by watching ads, entering websites and watching videos on YouTube, but the best way for you to make a large capital is opinion polls that take some information from you, your answer and your opinion about some products or your personal opinion on a global issue.

These surveys pay the most profit for these simple services and you can take profits weekly on your electronic wallet Skrill, nettler or even Airtm bank and transfer that money to any Visa, bank or wallet via p2p and is exchanging the benefit for the commission and it is a simple commission, and it can be Receive earnings in Bitcoin on crypto wallets.

Profit from investment sites

A lot of investment sites have appeared recently, which have acquired a large fan base and large investors who support these sites and large projects, and the most important of these investment projects on the Internet is, which is considered one of the best cashback and commission marketing sites on the Internet at the present time.

Once you enter the ai.markitng site, you will win $ 50 welcome bonus through which you can build advertising campaigns, which will return you a profit of up to 30% of the capital, you can put a deposit of an amount of money on the site with which you can run automatic advertising campaigns that will not take you any effort Or hardship once the funds are placed, it will take 4 days for the bot to work in making profits and it will take 30 days to get the funds from the start of the bot.

You can withdraw and deposit money through many simple methods, including the Perfect Money wallet, the Payer wallet, and through the digital currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum and usdt. The minimum withdrawal for electronic wallets after depositing the first 100 dollars is 10 dollars, which is an amount that you can get through the bot within Only two days or one day, depending on the amount of the deposit. If your deposit is large, you will get a higher percentage of selling on the site and definitely profit.

Register at

  1. You can register on by next link.
  2. You can register through Gmail or your Google account, but your registration with the icon that resembles the human brain in blue is the one that will pay you 50 dollars as a welcome bonus and will be deducted from you after the first cash back.

In the end, we have offered you a convincing answer to the question of how to work on the Internet, and we have shown you some important sites that enable you to profit from the Internet through various methods.

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