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How can the smartphone be an ally of your relationship, even when you live in social distance?

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We are about to celebrate a Valentine’s Day different from what we were used to. Dinners in crowded restaurants should be replaced by romantic programs at home and, due to government restrictions, many couples will be able to spend this day apart and celebrate from a distance.

So Wiko gives you some tips on how the smartphone can be a good ally for your relationship for both Valentine’s Day and for the long term, painting two scenarios: the one where you live with your better half, and the one where they live apart!

I still don’t live with my better half. How can the smartphone help?

If you don’t live in the same house as your boyfriend or girlfriend, then the smartphone is an essential tool for keeping in touch, especially at this time when social distance is essential.

How can the smartphone be an ally of your relationship

You don’t need to have long calls every day, or exchange close to 100 messages a day, but there are 3 things you can do that will certainly be appreciated:

  1. Answer your cell phone whenever your better half calls. If you cannot speak at that moment, just say that you will call back, and so you will be showing that even if you have no time, you have made the most important person in your life a priority.
  2. Send text messages throughout the day to let your better half know that you are thinking of her.
  3. Take advantage of this equipment to search the Internet romantic surprises that you know will melt your better half and then put them into practice whenever possible.

In a time like the one we live in today, the smartphone also allows you to celebrate this Valentine’s Day together, albeit from a distance. Like? Just have imagination. Combine a dinner via video call and prepare the atmosphere with candles and a good glass of wine; talk while you eat and then watch a romantic movie together, each in your home. Who knows, they may even fall asleep side by side while exchanging ideas.

If we already share a house, is the smartphone no longer useful to me? Wrong.

It is true that when couples start sharing their home, most romantic messages are exchanged for shopping lists and calls are replaced by a short message because, in fact, it is possible to say everything face to face.

But that does not mean that the smartphone is no longer a good help, as you can always use it to arouse curiosity throughout the day about a surprise you planned to do when you get home, or send photos that show only parts of a gift that you bought and that you want your better half to guess what it is about.

Regardless of everything that the smartphone can help bring to a relationship that is at this level, the truth is that there are 3 things that show that sometimes the best help … is not to use it:

  1. Set a time when you don’t use smartphones, so you can be fully focused on each other. You can set this time during meals, while watching a movie or during Sunday morning, for example.
  2. Define smartphone-free spaces – for example, agree not to use these devices inside the room.
  3. Make some changes to your notifications. They can turn them off for anything but phone calls, so if your smartphone isn’t always vibrating or beeping, it’s easier to stop paying attention and focusing on each other.

Of course, everything that is successful comes with a hint of balance. The smartphone itself is neither your best friend nor your worst enemy when it comes to relationships.

Your use of it is what may influence (or not) your relationship. Above all, listen and respect the opinion of the person you are with and find together the balance that allows you to enjoy everything that a smartphone can bring you.

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