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Horizon Zero Dawn can run at 72p and even looks beautiful

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To put 128 × 72 resolution in context, it’s actually less than a modern color chart calculator like the TI-84 Plus CE, and whose 320 × 240 screen has many more pixels. You can imagine the game like that on a Game Boy Advance, but even so we get unnerved, and speaking of the brand: in 2001 the laptop had a screen resolution of 240 × 160. However, the oldest TI-8E graphics calculators had a resolution of 96 x 64.

While watching someone struggle to play a game at a resolution that would have been considered bad 10 years ago may be funny, but it is also intriguing – what other games can we run like that? There is probably some fun in posting ultra-low resolution images to the internet and having people try to guess what game they are looking at. “Is it a Grand Theft Auto or Forza ?, for example.”

While most people will look at the top of the graphics settings for a game, there is something to be said for following this, and just to see what it looks like. Especially when a modern 4K blockbuster game can be played with a resolution of just 256 × 144.

Via The Verge, here is zWORMz Gaming installing an old GT710 graphics card, which gives it the ability to become the 2020 version of Guerrilla’s open world in a PC game from 1993. In fact, even that would be generous , and this has yet another N-Gage aura.

The author of the article says that he loves the result, because it still looks… playable? At least it seems at first glance, or throw it in a very small window. It is also a big fan of this function being simply a setting in the game menu, and not something that we will have to adjust externally or hack to access a bunch of other low-spec videos.

That said, we may not be able to achieve such a low resolution. The author of the article says that his ´Super 2070´ card will only reach 640 × 480, for example, so it seems that the available resolutions change depending on the quality of the card. For example, the GT710, as you may know, came out in 2014.

Source: Kotaku

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