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Honda seeks allies seeking to reduce costs in electric

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The automobile sector has been divided between alliances, acquisitions and mergers. Given the current scenario, each of these manufacturers understood the need to unite to deal with the competition, since the combination of the most diverse critical success factors that have made them thrive, together they manage to form synergies to drive internal results, as well as , of your partners.

This time, it was Honda that felt this need to assert itself as a brand available to cooperate with a new partner in order to develop technology and expand its knowledge related to electric mobility. “In the event that we are able to achieve our goals through [de cooperação], then we will be willing to form an alliance,” says Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of Honda Motor Co.

Europe’s most radical position in terms of combating polluting emissions from car manufacturers means that the car industry (worldwide) is under great pressure to meet a new demand and forced supply of mostly electric vehicles. Hybrids don’t seem to have a great future, at least not in Europe — after the decision was taken to end the sale of vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2035.

Honda seeks allies seeking to reduce costs in electric

The pact between Honda and General Motors for the joint development of two large models developed in the USA, using General Motors Ultium batteries, for the year 2024. At the same time, both manufacturers worked on a common platform for electric vehicles dubbed of “e:Architecture”.

Both companies are already collaborating in the development of autonomous vehicles, as well as the fuel cell (fuel-cell vehicle).

According to Honda, the goal is to be able to maximize the production of 100% electric vehicles and the fuel cell by 2040 by up to 100%. To achieve this, “building an alliance is essential to achieve an increase in the number of electric vehicles, considering that the electrification is not yet commercially viable”, says Toshihiro. This is easily explained by the concept of economies of scale.

The optimal balance point between the optimal production price (in volume) with existing capital (own or third party) and the relationship with the price most customers are willing to buy (the market value), maintaining the profitability for the manufacturer.

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