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Hisense will allow a 100-day test drive of its best TVs

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Buying a TV might seem like a big decision, but Hisense’s latest promotion wants to help make your choice easier. As of today, the company is offering what is called a “100-Day Guarantee”, which allows anyone who buys a Hisense TV to test it for 100 days in the comfort of their living room and, if they don’t like it, you can send it back for a full refund.

There are several Hisense models that are included in this offer, including the U6G, U7G and U8G. But more surprisingly, so is the 75-inch U800GR 8K model and the 100-inch and 120-inch L9G laser TV projection configurations (which cost $5,500 and $6,000, respectively).

Not everything is perfect and of course there are some caveats. The person will have to buy the TV from Hisense’s approved list (which includes Amazon, Best Buy, PC Richard and ) between September 9th and October 31st, will have to pay the full price of the TV upfront, with a refund coming as soon as Hisense gets the TV back. The person will also have to register their TV on the Hisense promotional website as part of the program within 14 days of getting it, or they will not be able to return it.


After doing all of this, if you want to proceed with the TV return (which Hisense presumably hopes you won’t), you’ll need to go back to the same promotional site and submit a return request. As part of this application, you will need to send your receipt to the TV, along with photos that show you didn’t damage the TV during the 100-day trial period.

Hisense’s terms and conditions state: “Undamaged and not permanently marked (subject to reasonable wear and tear that is expected within 100 days of use of the Qualified Product for its intended purpose and where such wear does not materially affect the resale value).” You will also need to return it in the original packaging with your accessories, so do not throw away the box.

Once all of this is done, Hisense will confirm your claim and send you a prepaid shipping label, at which point you will have 21 days to send it back. Once the TV is returned, a refund will be issued via prepaid Visa debit cards or PayPal transfers. As for the returned TVs, Hisense promises that they will all be “recycled or refurbished”.

We’ll see if this offer reaches Europe.

Source: Hisense

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