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Hisense presents its innovative range of smart products for 2021

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THE Hisense today presented in Lisbon the new range of products that improve the technological experience of the user through an adaptable design and functions indicated for the personalization of the needs of any home.

Among the products presented by the representatives of the brand at an event that took place in an apartment in the center of the city, we highlight the refrigerators designed for all types of spaces, air conditioning systems with incredible air purification functions, in addition to kitchen equipment completely prepared for all types of recipes.

Yannella Amendola, Marketing Director at Hisense Iberia, says: “At Hisense we believe in the development of the future of technology with a focus on the end user and based on a renewable philosophy. This pandemic has shown us the importance that companies like ours have when working on an offer that grows in parallel with society and its constant changes ”.

Among the different models revealed during the presentation event of this new range for 2021 in our country, we highlight:

Flexible refrigerators with the most advanced functions in the sector.

Hisense presents its innovative range of smart products for 2021

The refrigerator RQ760N4AIF Hisense’s PureFlat relies on the latest refrigeration technologies such as Triple Zone Cooling, Total No Frost or My Fresh Choice. The latter allows you to adapt the appliance to our weekly purchase. With a temperature range of 5 ℃ to -20 ℃, it creates the perfect climate for food and drinks, helping them to stay fresh longer. In turn, Hisense’s innovative Total No Frost technology allows cold air to circulate evenly throughout the appliance to prevent ice crystals from forming. Thus, all frozen items can be reached more easily and quickly, thanks to the sliding shelves and the transparent design that allows you to see the stored food more clearly.

Washing machines for optimal washing and responsible use of energy

1621438150 675 Hisense presents its innovative range of smart products for 2021The new Hisense washing machines, such as the WFGA90141VM which received the Red Dot Design Award, have a load capacity of 9 kg and offer a high level of performance. This model has 14 intelligent programs: Wave Plus technology, Power Wash, centrifugation at 1400 rpm and Inverter technology that make this appliance a really quiet appliance. Its wave-shaped drum softens the fibers to provide the most delicate treatment of clothing and allow the user to get rid of wrinkled clothing.

Its Dose Assist function favors a perfect dosage of the detergent, regardless of the amount of laundry that is placed inside the machine. In addition, its Inverter technology allows the engine to rotate at the ideal speed for the load, which results in lower vibration levels and a quieter, longer lasting and more reliable washing machine, which in addition is more efficient and uses less energy than conventional washing machines.

Dishwashers to optimize time and space.

Reduce the time and effort required to wash the dishes with enough space thanks to a flexible interior that can be reconfigured so that everything is left in a single wash. With washing machine models like the HS661C60X, Hisense offers speed, ease and without additional drying. Its automatic opening at the end of each cycle allows the excess steam to escape, which ensures that the washed items dry completely. In turn, with a noise level of just 42 dB, these washing machines can be considered one of the quietest on the market.

A flexible and intelligent kitchen to prepare any type of recipe.

Hisense’s new boards, such as I6456CB, heat up twice as fast as gas and allow its temperature to be adjusted instantly with a touch, which limits the danger of spillage. It has two vertically connected zones for larger cooking surfaces, perfect for cooking more evenly and ideal for a large number of guests.

1621438150 77 Hisense presents its innovative range of smart products for 2021The ovens in this new range, such as the BS5545AG, they get food to be cooked evenly and favor a crunchy exterior and a more succulent interior. In addition, this multifunction oven capable of steam cooking does not allow you to prepare healthier dishes, with less oil and fat, but they are also efficient equipment thanks to the Steam Clean cleaning system, which eliminates grease and stains quickly and without efforts.

HVAC systems for a safe environment

Hisense is committed to society and to improving the pandemic situation by offering a new range of air conditioning equipment that will not only be the greatest allies for the home or any commercial area, but also represent a fundamental element for the return to normality .

The brand new air conditioners have HI-NANO filters capable of producing a high amount of positive and negative ions, which have a highly oxidative and highly reactive action. These ions adhere to the surface of bacteria or viruses and are subsequently absorbed by them. They convert to hydroxyl (OH) and extract hydrogen (H) from the surface protein. After this process, the viral particles become water molecules and lose their effectiveness.

1621438151 395 Hisense presents its innovative range of smart products for 2021Hisense recently confirmed that, within the scope of tests carried out in collaboration with Texcell, the International Research Organization specializing in viral tests, HI-NANO technology, which is owned by Hisense Corporation and incorporated into residential air conditioners, neutralizes the effect of the new coronavirus ( SARS-CoV-2). The emitted ions eliminate 93.54% of the viral particles in just 2 hours.

Hisense will continue to study the effectiveness of HI-NANO in solving problems related to air pollution, such as bacteria or viruses, with the aim of contributing to a healthier environment for the population.

In the wide range of air conditioning solutions that the brand offers, we also highlight Fresh Master, an agile and adaptive model, capable of renewing the air inside the home by using air from the outside and expelling the stale air to the outside. In this way, the quality of the environment will always be the best and thus reduce the risk of contagion.

Hisense also presented the new AE-23R4AF, a multiple purification system capable of providing clean and safe air, eliminating different types of impurities, such as dust or smoke, and eradicating harmful bacteria and substances such as formaldehyde thanks to its efficient nano composites HEPA filter.

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