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Hisense and its new HI-NANO filter ensure the health of consumers and the fight against the virus

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THE Hisense recently presented the latest technologies applied to air conditioning, purification and air cleaning, at a time when health is becoming increasingly important. Among these new features are the new HI-NANO filters, integrated in the company’s air conditioners, able to eliminate 93.54% of viral particles in just 2 hours.

Hisense announced that, with the test carried out in collaboration with TexcellThe International Research Organization specializing in viral tests, confirmed the inhibitory effect on the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) of Hisense Corporation’s HI-NANO technology, and integrated into the brand’s home air conditioning systems.

HI-NANO produces a high amount of positive and negative ions that have a strongly oxidative and highly reactive action. These ions adhere to the surface of bacteria or viruses and are subsequently absorbed by them; they convert to hydroxyl (OH) and extract hydrogen (H) from the surface protein. After this process, the viral particles become water molecules and lose their effectiveness.

Hisense and its new HI NANO filter ensure the health of

Ventilation is essential to dilute aerosols in closed spaces. Therefore, Hisense, committed to society and improving the situation of the pandemic, offers a new range of home appliances that will not only be the greatest allies for the home and any type of commercial space, but also a fundamental element for the return to normality around the world.

Within the wide range of air conditioning solutions that the brand offers, we also highlight the Fresh Master, an agile and adaptive model, capable of renewing the air inside the home using air from the outside and expelling the stale air to the outside. In this way, the quality of the environment will always be the best and thus reduce the risk of contagion.

Residential air conditioning systems to eliminate the virus inside the home.

The brand’s new air conditioning models feature the latest innovation designed to ensure a space free of viruses and bacteria. For example, through Hi-nano, technology patented by the brand, it is possible to eliminate bacteria from the air quickly and safely. The Hi-nano ion generator was developed by Hisense and is present in models such as Fresh Master, Silentium Pro or Energy Pro, between others.

In turn, many of these new products have a system of four filters in one: silver ion filter, catechin filter, hepa filter and the photo-catalyst filter, capable of eliminating germs and odors. In addition, the hydrophilic and antivirus aluminum fin present in these devices has a special spray painting formula that greatly improves the antibacterial and dust elimination function. These air conditioning systems have a self-cleaning option to reduce bacteria, microorganisms and electricity consumption through a freeze-thaw cycle.

The user who purchases any of these new models will also be able to enjoy HiSmart, through which he will be able to configure items such as temperature, flow, speed or even activate the timer from his own phone.

Professional air conditioning that ensures a virus-free affluence in any business.

Cassette, Conduit, Ceiling – Units or consoles. The possibilities for Hisense’s new commercial devices are endless, customizable and adapted to any type of establishment or company. Among its various functions we can find several airflow modes, that is, multiple combinations of upper air outlet, lower air outlet and upper-lower air, so that the air distribution and temperature of the rooms are more comfortable.

Hisense and its new HI NANO filter ensure the health of

This new range also features a wi-fi module, a fresh air intake function to improve indoor air quality and a 4D air flow to provide greater convenience. Ideal for a healthy air flow in wide areas.

Purifies air from any space in just 7 minutes.

The new AE-23R4AF it has a multiple purification system capable of providing clean and safe air, eliminating different types of impurities, such as dust and smoke, and eradicating harmful bacteria and substances such as formaldehyde thanks to its efficient nanocomposite HEPA filter.

This innovative and intuitive device is designed for those who are unfamiliar with these products. Thanks to its visualization by color range, the user is able to check the air quality of any space at any time, as it allows to differentiate it between excellent, good, medium or deficient. Its silent mode and its meager 21dB make it possible to use it during the night while sleeping, as its touch screen, remote control and turbo mode complete the functions that we can find in this new technology to fight against Covid-19.

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