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Here are some features that were removed from Windows 10 in the last update

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The Windows 10 update of May 2021 has just been released and, as always, when a new update appears, adding features – although not many in this case – Microsoft also takes it with the other hand and removes some functionality from the operating system.

To be more specific, Microsoft lists the features that are being deprecated – in other words, those that are being archived and no longer being developed – and also those that are being completely discarded from Windows 10.

One of the features that is starting is the legacy version of Microsoft Edge, which has been replaced by Edge with Chromium (although, as you may recall, support for the legacy Edge was dropped a few months ago in March).

The only other canned thing is support for Windows 2000 XDDM-based remote video drivers, but that won’t affect many people.

Here are some features that were removed from Windows 10

Sunk synchronization

On the depreciation front, Microsoft has stopped developing Roaming Personalization settings, which allow lock screen images, wallpaper and other personalization elements to be synchronized between devices.

Therefore, this feature will remain stagnant in the future, and Microsoft further notes that “it can be removed in a future version”.

In this case, this is something that some people may miss (although again, probably not so many, as we can imagine that it was not very popular – unless there is another reason to abandon development, such as perhaps changing functionality elsewhere).

The Windows management instrumentation command line tool (WMIC) has also been shelved, with the observation of Microsoft:

“This tool has been replaced by Windows PowerShell for WMI. Note: This suspension of use applies only to the command line management tool. WMI itself is not affected. “

The software giant also reminds us that Internet Explorer 11 is being retired and support will end on June 15, 2022, at least for Windows 10 versions without any long-term maintenance contracts (in other words, for everyone , except business users).


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