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HBO Max arrives in Europe at the end of October

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Netflix continues to lead the streaming market, but competitors have made good bets and positioned themselves to be strong competition. If Disney Plus has already demonstrated that it is a worthy competitor, now HBO will bet with strength, expanding its HBO Max streaming service to other countries.

Last June, HBO Max officially left the US, being launched in some Latin American countries, but without a doubt it is the entry into Europe that will make the service gain strength and this will happen next month, on October 26th . The first European countries to see the current HBO service expand to HBO Max will be Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra. For Portugal, we know it will be next year.

HBO has made official the launch date of its (“new”) streaming service in Europe for the next 24th of October, which will be at that time that it will disclose more information about the service, namely the price and services available in Europe. This, of course, is one of the most anticipated factors, as the price will certainly be different and there is an option that we are curious about, the HBO Max option with advertising, which is already available in the US.


In a statement, Johannes Larcher, leader of HBO Max International says the arrival of HBO Max in Europe will be a historic moment, as WarnerMedia movies and series like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or The Bug Bang Theory have many fans at Euriopa, and the service is intended to offer an intuitive and visualization service for consumers.

It should be noted that, in the US, HBO also offers two options, Standard and Mobile, which, if available in Europe, would be the first streaming service to differentiate itself in this aspect of having a plan for mobile users .

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