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HBO announces cheaper streaming but with advertising: Is this the future?

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There are already several streaming services in our market, with a clear emphasis on the leader Netflix, but we have seen a great growth on the part of Disney, demonstrating that the supremacy of Netflix can be shaken after all. There are others like Amazon, Apple or HBO, but it is the latter that finally makes a version of streaming video official that may influence the future.

HBO had already announced that it intended to launch a cheaper version of its stremaing service, but with advertising, instead of what is currently being done. Although we may be surprised, in the world of streaming it is not a novelty, since Spotify, one of the first music streaming services and the most used in the world, has and always had a free version, with advertising. But in the video, this may be the first time.

Netflix itself had already created alternative plans, such as a subscription only available for mobile equipment and aimed at developing countries, but HBO intends to be more daring, and for now, it is only on HBO Max, a streaming service more complete video than what we have in Portugal, and also more expensive. But let’s look at prices then.

HBO announces cheaper streaming but with advertising Is this the

What is the price of this new HBO Max with advertising?

HBO announced that the new subscription model is 10 dollars a month, with two drawbacks: advertising and this service will not receive the main news from the cinematographic world on the first day, this functionality will remain exclusive to the other subscription models.

So how much does the normal version cost? At HBO Max the cheapest version without advertising is $ 15 a month, up from $ 14 a month on Netflix that was recently updated in the U.S. and $ 8 for Disney Plus.

So, to begin with, this means that you can save $ 5 a month on a subscription, the big catch is having advertising. The truth is that $ 5 is not that big of a difference, and $ 10 for the service is still a big price, not that big of a difference. It just makes us think: is it worth just taking advertising for a difference of “just” 5 dollars? If you want to think about your case, think about 5 € or R $ 27 which is the amount in direct conversion. Did you prefer this option or would you rather pay a little more?

But and what kind of advertising will be placed?

As soon as we saw the news, we immediately thought of those situations that sometimes happen on television, interrupting a film in a totally wrong way to give 10 minutes of publicity. Wait… Are we going to have 10 minutes of advertising like on TV? Fortunately, HBO announced the types of advertising that are going to be introduced and are going to be a lot nicer. There will be three advertising formats: Brand Block, Pause Ads and Branded Discovery.

The first, HBO will give advertising space to the owners of the videos, who will place the advertisements they want, this being the first format that will be available right from the start, while the other two will only arrive later. Pause Ads will only start advertising when you use it to pause the series or movie, while Branded Discovery will place advertising on the recommended screen.

In spite of everything, the “promised” advertising will not be intrusive, however, it is not the clean and specific aspect of the video streaming services that the customers gave them and almost replaced much of the time that we normally use on television. ?

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And when will this arrive?

So far, it will only stay in the USA, but much of Europe that, until now, had only the HBO service, will see the service replaced by HBO Max in late 2021, while during the end of June, HBO Max should arrive to several countries where it does not yet have a presence, such as Brazil.

As for prices, we still don’t know if there will be a direct conversion, but we will have to wait a little longer to know all the news and if there is, if anything, in this new subscription format.

Source: GSMArena

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