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Have you been looking for a next generation console? Worten stocks Xbox Series X and S

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We all know that the new generation consoles, which were released a few months ago, still have a huge shortage of stock, and this problem turns out to be general in the area of ​​technology, but due to the huge demand for these new consoles, buy a Playstation 5 or an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S has only been an intention (besides that, in this way, also the first price drops may come later).

However, Worten has just had great news, as it already has stock of both Microsoft consoles, both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so it could be an excellent opportunity, but the good news does not stop on here.

In addition to the console being available so that you can buy it online, it is also possible to make the purchase online and ask to pick it up from a physical store in just 15 minutes, which is excellent news, as it means that most stores (check quite a few Worten stores and all of them showed stock, but I didn’t check them all) have physical stock of their own consoles available for those who want to go buy.

Have you been looking for a next generation console Worten

My advice is to check the Worten website, to make sure that the store you want to go to has console stock, and if you can buy it through the website and collect it at the store it will be perfect, as you are sure you will already have one. unit saved for you when you get there. But the good news doesn’t end there.

Worten is offering all buyers of a new generation Xbox console, be it Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, a three-month Xbox Game Pass. That’s right, this way, during the next three months you can have access to many games, in an offer worth €38.99. Is it a good opportunity or not? But be quick, as the offer is still valid today, so follow the two links:

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