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Harmony OS: Huawei’s new multi-device operating system

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Huawei today unveiled its latest range of smart watches and tablets with its new HarmonyOS 2 operating system, giving consumers access to a seamless and intelligent experience across multiple devices in all scenarios.

At today’s event, Huawei also launched Huawei FreeBuds 4, the latest generation of wireless headsets with active noise cancellation (ANC) and two high-end monitors, the Huawei MateView and the Huawei MateView GT.

Presenting itself as a next-generation operating system for smart devices, HarmonyOS provides a common language for different types of devices, providing users with a more convenient, smooth and secure experience. This operating system uses a distributed technology to meet the different needs of all types of devices with a single system, allowing for flexible deployment. HarmonyOS also combines previously independent devices into a cohesive and holistic “super-device” that integrates the hardware and all the resources to freely leverage the capabilities of your devices based on user needs in real time.

Harmony OS Huaweis new multi device operating system

For developers, HarmonyOS enables cross-platform development and cross-device deployment of applications, making creating applications across devices easier than ever.

Huawei Watch 3: an independent smart assistant as powerful as your smartphone

Huawei’s new smart watch with curved glass display complemented with a 3D rotating crown, is capable of sensing different pressure levels and provides tactile feedback in response to user input, making the watch comfortable to wear and easy to operate.

Huawei Watch 3 with HarmonyOS 2 operating system feature, pairs with Huawei smartphones to serve as a multifunctional travel assistant. The functionality flows directly from the user’s smartphone to their wrist, making all travel information instantly available.

Huawei Watch 3 can also be used as a professional fitness & health manager that supports over 100 training modes. In addition to a wide range of health monitoring options, the watch can now monitor skin temperature with a new high-precision temperature sensor. Huawei Watch 3 also supports drop detection and SOS call function for faster response in case of emergency. This watch also allows the user to make and receive phone calls and listen to music, without the need to be dependent on a smartphone, as this smartwatch is the first from Huawei to support the eSIM function.

1622657177 83 Harmony OS Huaweis new multi device operating system

Huawei Watch 3 Pro features an ultra long battery life, which lasts up to 5 days in smart mode (normal use) and 21 days in power saving mode. In the case of Huawei Watch 3 the autonomy is 3 days in smart mode and 14 days in energy saving.

A more interactive experience with HarmonyOS

Multi-device interaction with HarmonyOS makes working on multiple devices as simple as controlling one. The new Control Panel supports simple and intuitive connections through a drag-and-integrate function that allows users to freely connect the devices they want, based on specific scenarios.

In terms of appearance, the beauty of the innovative interaction lies in the aesthetic details. The specially designed HarmonyOS Sans font and Natural Gravitational Animations provide a consistent user experience across all HarmonyOS devices.

Huawei HiLink has been updated to HarmonyOS Connect to equip more non-Huawei devices with smart features. Smart home devices can be connected to your smartphone with a single tap, helping you with various tasks of everyday life.

1622657178 659 Harmony OS Huaweis new multi device operating system

Improved performance: greater security and privacy

HarmonyOS 2 runs even more smoothly than the latest generation of EMUI.

HarmonyOS 2 keeps applications open and running in the background, so user tasks are always available where they left off. You can go back to the last action or page of a particular app, even if you have dozens of other apps open. For example, if you were in a shopping app looking at a product, then switched to another app to send a message to your friend, and then opened your browser to look for another topic, you can now go back to the last page you were browsing in your shopping application without any problem. Also, you can enjoy longer battery life with a device based on HarmonyOS 2.

“Huawei is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users. HarmonyOS inherits and further develops the leading privacy and security technologies found in EMUI. Our fundamental design principle is to ensure that only the right person can access the right data with the right device, ensuring the security of every access to every device, as well as the security of every act of storage, transmission, and use of data in all scenarios. When multi-device collaborative identity authentication is enabled, users can only unlock their devices, which ensures even greater security,” he stresses Shen Yun, Country Manager of Huawei Consumer in Portugal.

In addition, HarmonyOS manages user data by category and protects devices by level, establishing specific security thresholds for so-called Super Devices. Only devices that meet stringent security requirements can access data corresponding to their security level, ensuring that users can make use of the Multi-Device Collaboration features with real peace of mind.

HarmonyOS applications undergo rigorous testing throughout development, release, installation and use to ensure they provide a safe experience in a clean ecosystem.

“We are increasingly surrounded by smart devices these days, and we are now in a world where everything is connected,” he says. Richard Yu, Executive Director and CEO of the Consumer Business Group at Huawei. “Each of us is part of this fully connected world, just like all devices. We look forward to working with more partners and developers to build a thriving HarmonyOS ecosystem and provide even better experiences, products and services to our customers around the world,” he adds.

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