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Half of Portuguese fear misuse of data on the web

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More than half of the Portuguese (54%) express concern about the misuse of personal data in activities such as online banking or shopping on the Internet, above the European average, according to the Cybersecurity Report in Portugal.

The Cybersecurity in Portugal – Society 2020 Report, released by the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS), presents updated indicators, namely from 2019, “on the state of attitudes, behaviors and education and awareness in Portugal, with regard to cybersecurity ”.

According to the document, with regard to the use of the Internet for activities such as online banking or the purchase of goods and services on the web, “among the concerns presented, for individuals in Portugal, the misuse of data (54%) is the largest, more than the European Union average [UE]”. In Portugal, the value increased by five percentage points in 2019 compared to the previous year.

metade dos portugueses receia uso indevido dos dados na web

With regard to concerns regarding the use of the Internet for activities such as banking or shopping for goods and services online, the European average is 79%, while in Portugal it is 74%. “The most pronounced discrepancy between 2018 and 2019 is the one regarding the decrease by 15 percentage points (pp) of those who are afraid of not receiving products and services purchased online”, the document reads.

In other words, 20% of respondents in Portugal expressed fear of not receiving their products and services purchased on the Internet in 2019, a decrease of 15 pp compared to 2018. The European average is 22%. Regarding information on cybercrime risks, there was a decrease in Portugal last year.

“Between 2018 and 2019, there is a decrease in the percentage of individuals, in Portugal, who feel very well informed (2%, that is, less 1 pp) or reasonably well informed (39%, that is, less 4 pp); 39% of individuals feel reasonably well informed, 34% not very well informed and 23% not well informed ”, says the report. The average of individuals who feel very well informed is 11%.

“The profile of the individual who feels well informed in Portugal tends to correspond to a man, young and with more studies”, the report says. More than two thirds (73%) of Portuguese say they avoid revealing personal information on the Internet, in line with the previous year.

The report also highlights that “the biggest discrepancy in values ​​compared to the EU average concerns those who believe that the risk of being a victim of cyber crime is increasing: in Portugal, 66% of respondents agree with this statement; in the EU, the figure reaches 76% ”.

There is a “remarkable decrease compared to the previous year”, in Portugal and in the EU average, “among those who claim to be able to protect themselves enough against cybercrime – 8 pp less in Portugal (45%) and 9 pp less in the EU average (52%) ”.

smartphone proteção

With regard to sociodemographic aspects, “80% of Portuguese men have at least one concern, while in women this figure is 67%”. It is in the age group between 25 and 39 years old that individuals “express more concerns”, with “78% revealing that they have at least one concern”, the report says.

“Individuals who completed their studies over 20 years old and those who are still studying are those who have higher percentages of having at least one concern, with 86% and 78%, respectively”.

Concern about identity theft in Portugal “also increased significantly, by 9 pp, to 77%, while the EU average decreased by 4 pp, to 66%”.

In the Portuguese case, “women tend to express a little less concern than men, as well as, more sharply, individuals over 55 and those who have studied no more than 15 years of age” .

More than half (54%) of companies in Portugal, below 62% of the European average, make employees aware of their obligations in aspects related to the security of information and communication technologies (ICT).

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