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Half-Life Crowbar is a ´Game Boy´ remake

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Two of the most iconic and beloved FPS games ever made, are finally together. Half-Life: Crowbar – Deep in the Dead is a half-life mod that transforms Valve’s classic from a hellish survival game on Earth to, well, a hellish survival game on Mars.

The mod converts Union Aerospace Corporation’s waste facilities from ID Software into the cleanest, grayest corridors, offices and parking lots of the Black Mesa Research Center. In the demo, we played with a grouping of the opening chapter of Half-Life with Doom’s E1M1, in which some scientists open an interdimensional portal for horrible creatures to cross and, when we really get to that, there’s not a big difference in context between two old games, right?

One cool thing about Half-Life: Crowbar is that you are not Gordon Freeman, or Doomguy, you are engineer Dr. Stan Blazkowicz, a tribute to Wolfenstein’s protagonist, BJ Blazkowicz, who adorns the fact of Doom where Freeman got it your HEV outfit. You are also not the one who pulls the lever as in Half-Life, but someone trapped in the middle of a very unfortunate situation, having to do ´crowbar´ and shoot over a large number of headaches.

The author of the article says that we may not be more sensible for this Half-Life 3, but that hasn’t stopped the community from finding new ways to play the original Half Life. The latest is Half-Life GB, a Game Boy-style remake that makes Valve’s FPS game even more surreal than usual.

Made by ´developer´ Jackarte, Half-Life GB surpasses the typical browns and grays of Black, for multiple shades of green, in a 3D environment that, lacking many details, is just a little unnerving. A 15-minute demo shows a play-through of the iconic Half-Life opening, where Gordon Freeman finds himself in the middle of an interdimensional invasion after one of Black Mesa’s experiments.

Wielding Freeman’s faithful crowbar, you hit zombie heads and heads, wandering down corridor after corridor hoping to escape. The demonstration extends until Freeman reaches the outside world, where a squad of Marines has been dispatched to kill all survivors and cover up the incident, and you are fighting helicopters and tanks.

Half Life Crowbar is a ´Game Boy´ remake

This is definitely stretching the notebook’s capabilities, but it strikes a 3D Wolfenstein-type middle ground that has its charms. You can find Half Life GB in Itch. This is just the latest triple-A design to be reduced to something similar to 8-bit or 16-bit. Yarntown did the same for Bloodborne, and both Disdco Elysium and Deadly Premonition were boiled down to Game Boy form.

Source: PCGamesN

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