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GTA Online can receive the biggest update ever

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Second was advanced yesterday by Rockstar Games, producer responsible for the development of the series Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, both main titles currently supported will receive major updates by the end of this year 2020 – notably GTA Online, which is likely to receive the biggest update ever.

The latest data collected point out – as is known to a large part of the community, that there has been a large flow of players both in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption Online -, which aroused the team’s interest in developing new content so that this volume of players who have spent a large part of their time on the servers (GTA essentially) is maintained.

That said, as referred to Rockstar Games “[…] with both games reaching more players than ever during the past few months, we know that the community has been waiting for news of updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online, we are happy to share that the two games will receive exciting new updates in the weeks ahead“.

gta online pode receber o maior update de sempre

Apparently, players from Red Dead Online will receive, already in the next Tuesday, July 28, an update entitled “Frontier Pursuit”- which included new corrections and a new approach to the world of hunting and animal life. On the other hand, GTA Online will receive a summer update with new content (among new vehicles, new customization items and more). In addition, we can count on new activities, which are almost mandatory in the day-to-day of Grand Theft Auto.

According to the information provided, the community can expect the latest and greatest update ever in GTA Online with a new approach to “Heists”In a whole new place – which means that we will be facing a new expansion of the current map of Los Santos and not from another space like the one we won with Diamond Casino.

gta online pode receber o maior update de sempre 1RD

Through some of the comments provided by the community, as mentioned by Rockstar, elements like musical instruments in Red Dead Redemption and the Control terminal added to “Arcadian”Or Fliperama, in Portuguese, are some of the examples of elements that were only possible thanks to the contribution of the community, which proves that the team has given the necessary attention to the community.

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