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GTA 6: There is the first official confirmation and it is good news

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Grand Theft Auto is one of the great successes of video games, with thousands of fans all over the world and, for this reason, it is normal that after 8 years of the launch of GTA 5 there is already a lot of expectations about the new GTA VI. But, according to the latest information, there will still be a long way to go before its launch, so it is better to continue playing GTA 5 or alternatives, or else these excellent alternatives to GTA Online for iOS and Android.

However, until now there have been some (scarce) rumors about the successor to Rockstar’s great success, as an image of the supposed new map, but nothing very concrete or official. So far…

One of the rumors that made a lot of ink on the internet was that the game’s programmers were planning to abandon the GTA 6 single-player. This rumors caused quite a stir, since the single-player mode and its story is one of the things that more fans the game has.

However, in the most recent development, the game’s developers confirmed to GQ Magazine that the producer will not abandon the Single Player option and the surrounding story and will remain constant in the game.

GTA 6 There is the first official confirmation and it

Story mode for a confirmed GTA 6 Single-Player

In an interview with the magazine GQ Magazine, Rockstar programmer Scott Butchard said that “you can see this (story mode) on Online and I think that in the future we will add more single-player elements”, implying that this rumor has no real background.

GQ also sent Tarek Hamad, programmer at the Rockstar studio, whether the company would continue story mode in the next GTA VI, to which he responded with an “absolutely”.

This fact has good news in two ways. First, it belies a rumor that certainly many fans would not like, which was to end the story mode and the single-player mode. The other important factor is that these comments turn out to be the first official comments from Rockstar, or its members, about GTA 6.

Earlier this week, a new GTA 6 map was published on Reddit by an anonymous user. The new map looks interesting and has links to the map that had already been released previously.

For now, since the information is very scarce, we are already very happy with these first official comments that confirm that GTA VI will continue to have the way that gave it its great success. Undoubtedly, taking into account the level that the game has presented, there is a great expectation about the history of the game for the single-player.

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