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Google’s One Tap allows password-free login

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Google unveiled Google Identity Services, a set of standard interfaces that allow developers to integrate Google’s One Tap for faster and simpler user sign-ups.

Google’s identity services aim to make it easier for businesses to gain new users and quick logins. It’s available as a software development kit containing its identity APIs, including the Sign with Google button, as well as the new One Tap prompt.

“Google login and One Tap use secure tokens, rather than passwords, to link users to partner sites and apps.” says Filip Verley, manager of the Google Identity team.

The easier sign-up processes are intended to help end users avoid the pressure of choosing convenience over security when deciding on another password for an application or website.


“Users can sign in or sign up using just one tap, without having to remember their credentials or create a password,” explains Verley. Google has also improved the Sign with Google Button, the buttons that users see that show which Google account they’re accessing on the site.

Reddit implemented the new Sign in with Google button and the One Tap prompt. Pinterest also implemented Google’s Identity Services APIs. According to Google, Reddit increased new user sign-up and user conversion return twice.

Key to One Tap subscriptions are ID tokens generated for users with Google Accounts on a device. The ID token is shared with the website operator.

Google One Tap currently works with Chrome on Android, macOS, Linux and Windows 10. No mobile browsers support iOS. Edge on macOS and Windows 10 is supported, while Firefox is supported on Android, macOS, Linux and Windows.


Google notes that One Tap does not support Safari for iOS and macOS due to Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Source: Google

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