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Google will issue alert when searches are unreliable

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Last Friday, Google announced that users will receive an alert when they do a search and the results shown are not very reliable. This feature will be especially useful when an event has just happened or when it’s a rumor.

A title will appear in the search result that reads “it seems that these results are changing rapidly”, and also, “if the topic is new, it may take some time for results from reliable sources to be added”.

The notice is intended for the user to understand that this is information that can be changed, so it encourages him to look for more on the subject.

“When someone does a Google search, we try to show the most relevant and reliable information we can,” said Danny Sullivan, a representative for Google’s Search department. “But we receive a lot of things that are entirely new,” he added. Google’s official blog reads: “although the search tries to show more reliable results, sometimes 100% reliable information is not yet online”.

Google will issue alert when searches are unreliable

The alerts will only be available for some US English page search topics, but it is expected that in the future it will be extended to other languages.

On social networks, especially on Twitter, information is spread very quickly, and this was a way found by Google to ensure that the information is true, making its users more secure. For Google, this is a tool to combat disinformation.

The issue of veracity of information is a growing concern on the part of several technological giants such as Facebook and Twitter. This last platform launched, in 2020, a feature that alerts users when information has not been verified, thus showing that it may not correspond to reality.

Source: Google

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