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Google will have its first physical store to sell products

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Google is one of the main technological companies, which reached this level thanks to its Google search engine, however it has its “hands” in the most varied segments of the technological market. Thus, it also has several technological products that it has created or acquired in recent years.

Until now, Google had some pop-up shops, stores, usually mobile, that appear on specific sites, but this time it will take a different step, competing with other brands such as Apple, Samsung or even Microsoft. Yes, the Apple Store will now have a competitor, with its own Google store to sell its hardware products.

The Internet giant has revealed plans to open its first physical store, located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan (part of the company’s urban campus), which opened this summer. The New York store will offer Pixel, Nest and Fitbit hardware that can be made directly at the store, or purchased online and collected at the store. Much like Apple stores, there will be a support team available, as well as workshops to help new users.

Google will have its first physical store to sell products

Google is aware that there is still a pandemic and the store was designed with the latest health rules in mind, so masks will be mandatory to use, social distance and hand hygiene. The company will also limit capacity and clean spaces throughout the day. It is true that the USA is making rapid progress in vaccinating the population, so it is normal that these rules will soon cease to make sense (perhaps even before the store opens).

It is still curious that Google’s bet comes at the exact moment when, due to the pandemic, the adoption of online shopping was huge, however, particularly in Portugal, we know the importance of a physical store where we can see and test products , namely, in this case, in which there will be professionals specialized in those products, in particular.

There is also another important comparison that we can make, with Apple. Is that having a physical store is the ideal showcase to present its products, since that was exactly what Apple did, not depending on third parties and that, possibly even was one of the pillars for the company’s revival, after Steve’s entry Jobs.

We’ll see if, after this store, Google likes the idea and starts replicating the idea to other countries.

Source: Google

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