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Google Wear OS 3.0 will run on older smartwatches

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When Google announced its new operating system for watches, it teamed up with Samsung, leaving Tizen behind and bringing together the best of the two in the new version of WearOS. However, as usually happens with these new features, it was not clear when and which equipment would have access to this new version of the operating system.

Despite this, Qualcomm brought good news. To the website XDA Developer, the processor maker confirmed that Google’s new smartwatch operating system will be compatible with previous processors. That is, in addition to the top of the range 4100 Plus and 4100 are confirmed, but Qualcomm said that also the Snapdragon Wear 3100 will be compatible with the new version of the operating system.

Ideally, this should be good news for anyone using older Wear OS smartwatches like the Suunto 7 or Moto 360 (2019). However, Google or OEMs have yet to make it explicitly clear that older devices like these are eligible for the new Wear OS update.

Google Wear OS 30 will run on older smartwatches

Conversely, Fossil, maker of some of the best Wear OS smartwatches, has already confirmed that its older models will not receive the new software. Instead, the company will launch a new premium smartwatch with the operating system from Google and Samsung. Samsung will also not update its older Galaxy watches with Wear OS 3.0.

So even though Qualcomm has made it clear that older hardware is not an issue for the new Wear OS, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see software being released for existing devices with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC.

For that to happen, manufacturers will have to work closely with Google and Qualcomm to create updates for their devices. The process can be long and require more effort than just releasing newer devices with up-to-date software.

After this announcement, Google has also responded to XDA, but the response was neither clear nor objective, indicating that user experience is the top priority for Google and for this reason they will not confirm any release date or which devices are yet. that will be compatible, as for the new unified WearOS there are several technical requirements that have to be optimized. Thus, we realize that, although Qualcomm indicates that your processor is compatible, it may not be so easy to optimize the operating system for older equipment.

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