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Google warns when search results are unreliable

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Google now tells users when search results change quickly about an urgent story.

Some searches now show a warning that these results seem to change quickly, and the subtitle states that if this topic is new, it may take time for results to be added by trusted sources.

And in one PostingsHowever, the company suggests that users may want to re-check later when they find more results.

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The notice initially appears via US-based English-language results, when the topic is developing rapidly and a range of sources has not yet been considered. Google will expand the tool’s presence to other markets in the coming months.

The company explains: While Google search will always be present with the most useful results we can provide, the reliable information you are looking for is not yet online.

She added: This can be especially true for breaking news or emerging topics, when the information released first is not the most reliable.

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Google warns when searching:

A sample screenshot from a Google search shows the query “UFO filmed traveling at 106 miles per hour”, an apparent reference to a recent newspaper story about a UFO sighting in Wales in 2016.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search coordinator, said: ‘Someone posted this video of the police report in Wales, and it got quite a bit of press coverage.

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“But maybe people are looking for it on social media,” he added. And so we can say that it’s starting to become a trending topic. We can also say that there are not necessarily many useful things. We also think that perhaps new things may emerge.

Regardless of this example, Google inadvertently displayed incorrect information after mass shootings. Early official reports are often inaccurate and deliberate misinformation is common.

This is sometimes exacerbated by blanks in the data or keywords. Which has few search results and can easily be hacked by bad actors.

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This warning won’t necessarily prevent bad content from appearing, and it’s not clear how Google identifies a sufficient range of sources.

But it may remove some of the false legitimacy that a high Google position can give to unreliable early search results.

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