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Google wants to keep Android smartphone users safer

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Google is increasingly concerned about the well-being of its users. In this sense, it has been working on features that make it possible for them to spend less time on their mobile phone.

Google had already launched the Digital Wellbeing feature, where the user of an Android can set parameters to fulfill their goals. Recently the technology giant has released a new update that will allow Android smartphone users to be notified whenever they are using their device while walking, thus trying to prevent some incidents.

Until then, the functionality of Digital Wellbeing was only available on smartphones of the Pixel model, but Google wants to protect the majority of its users.

In some versions of Android, some interesting options were made available, such as bedtime, time of use of the smartphone or of a certain application. This feature is useful to instill some discipline in its users, making them have healthier habits.

Google wants to keep Android smartphone users safer

The new functionality can be configured according to the preferences of each user, so that each one can define their limits and can gradually reach their goals. In the configuration process, the application will ask for access to information about physical activity, as well as the user’s location.

After all the settings, whenever the smartphone finds that a user is using a device while walking, it will issue a notification. Alerts will try to dissuade the user from doing these two activities at the same time.

For now, no list has been released with the information of devices that will have this new feature. Google recommends that users, through the Playstore, install the latest version of Digital Wellbeing.

Source: 9to5Google

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