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Google TV may have access to free TV channels soon

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Television is changing, there is no doubt about that. It’s not that traditional TV channels will end, but there are certainly changes underway, as many users have reduced viewing traditional channels to watch streaming services, whether movies and series, such as Netflix, or channels via streaming, as the channels themselves already offer via their own apps or browser.

However, there is also a new market for free channels via streaming, which compete with traditional channels, but which only work via streaming and it is on these channels that there may be news soon, according to the site. Protocol, which cites industry sources. Reportedly, Google is seeking to establish a partnership to facilitate the introduction of free streaming channels on its platform.

Let’s start by explaining that these free streaming channels are not at all different from traditional television channels, as they are channels with free access, and with advertising during transmission, just like a traditional channel, with the big difference is that instead of using just an antenna to tune them, we really need an internet connection.


These types of channels are increasingly common and easy to access, as long as there is internet, as they are available in application stores such as AppStore or Play Store. However, this new ad could give a great leverage to these channels, as Google intends to introduce them on Google TV, which is the operating system used in the latest Chromecast, and is also scheduled to reach televisions. Although it’s not official, it seems to have a tendency to replace Android TV.

The idea should be to provide easy access to these free streaming channels from the Google TV home screen, similar to what Roku, for example, already offers in its service, with easy access to various free content.

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